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Completing cloud migrations successfully requires precision on two fronts- Discovery and Migration. Get both with RISC Networks and Velostrata.

Webinar: Real World Lessons in Cloud Migration

Despite the surge in enterprises migrating applications to the public cloud, more than half of all projects are delayed or over budget and an even greater number are more difficult than expected.1

Cloud Migrations don’t begin when you start moving applications into the cloud. They begin with your application landscape discovery and assessment. The second phase comprises the actual migration where applications are moved to the public cloud. Working with purpose-built enterprise-grade cloud migration platforms, especially those that partner to integrate both phases greatly simplifies and accelerates projects.

RISC Networks and Velostrata have teamed up to deliver this webinar where we’ll share real-world examples, tips, and tricks on crafting a seamless cloud migration from start to completion.



  • How to start by discovering and assessing your IT and application landscape
  • How to automate, organize and rationalize your application portfolio
  • How to best cost-optimize and right-size your cloud instances and selections
  • What you can do to segue application discovery directly into automated migration
  • How to maximize application up-time and dramatically reduce costs
  • Lessons learned during Cardinal Health's 5,000 VM+ migration
RISC Networks' Discovery and Assessment Process and Velostrata's Accelerated Cloud Migration Process

Why RISC Networks?

With over 10 years of focus on IT discovery and application dependency mapping, we are the experts.  Our hundreds of global partners rely on our patented platform and professional services experience to make sense of some of the most complicated IT environments.  When you don't even know how big the problem really is, count on us.

Why Velostrata?

Velostrata is the cloud workload mobility company.
Our patent pending technology gives companies the freedom to move enterprise workloads to, from and around the cloud. Velostrata software brings unprecedented simplicity for organizations that want to extend their data centers to the cloud by removing complexity, reducing risk and speeding migration.

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