Cloud and Data Center Migration

(Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud)

Tackling the cloud without a clear picture of your IT environment can impact your business.

“Implementing a cloud-forward strategy will allow Black & Veatch to reinvent cloud-based IT services to drive adoption of cost effective, rapidly provisioned, easy to use, and secure cloud computing solutions to support global project execution and a consistent user experience anytime, anywhere from any device.”  - Josh Baden, Cloud Architect

Turner Broadcasting Discovers Success with RISC Networks and AWS

Turner Broadcasting knew it was time to move their on-premises IT infrastructure to the AWS cloud.  First though, they needed to assess their IT estate and determine a project plan for the move.  AWS suggested RISC Networks' ITOA Platform.  RISC Networks helped Turner shut down 1,000 servers that weren't being used within 15 minutes of running the platform, saving money and energy.

Watch the webinar to hear the full migration story.

      "Prior to bringing RISC in...we had no idea."

“When I walked in the door, the very first question I asked was: How much money do we spend on our data centers? And there was no answer for that question. So, then the second question I asked was: how many servers do we have in our data center? And there was no answer for that…we spent the next three months spinning our wheels to formulate a plan on top of an unknown footprint.

Prior to bringing RISC in…we had no idea. When we got done doing the scan…I knew how many servers we had, I knew where they were, I knew what they talked to, I knew at what capacity they were running, I knew what they would be when they go to AWS.”

- Don Browning, VP of Cloud Architecture, Turner

What am I trying to do?

I am interested in cloud but am not sure how to execute

I need to understand what I have in my environment

I need to organize all of this information by application

I want to migrate my applications to the cloud provider of my choice

I need to track performance and trends over time

I want to look at pricing and other factors around cloud providers to choose my destination

Discover your Entire Environment

Refresh the picture you have of your IT estate with unlimited, agentless discovery.  Our discovery process identifies virtual and physical assets so that they can be analyzed by our award winning UCEL engine.

Know for sure that you have most up-to-date picture of what is deployed in your IT environment.

Requires: Foundation Module

Device Type

Organize your Application Portfolio

An up-to-date picture of your entire application portfolio is the best way to begin evaluating cloud and data center migration opportunities.  Our automated intelligence groups your assets into application stacks- providing application dependencies and network requirements allow you to quickly identify where you may have issues during your migration, and provide the information needed to create robust security groups in your new environment.

Requires: Foundation Module

Classify your Application Portfolio

Automated application classification scores your IT estate to provide level of effort requirements for migrating to public cloud.  You will know which applications will be easy, which will be hard, and which may never be able to go.

Additionally, you can add your own scoring using our advanced rulesets and deep data search.

Requires: CloudScape Module

Tags by Application

Migrate classification details through RISC Networks' ITOA Platform
Migrate and optimize costs through RISC Networks platform

Optimize your Cloud Costs

Simplify your analysis of public cloud pricing by comparing as-is versus optimized cloud pricing across every major public cloud provider.

In addition, you can understand which applications are more cost effective to run on-premise and compare public and private cloud costs for your portfolio.

Requires: CloudScape Module

Details for Planning and Provisioning

Private cloud resource requirements help you optimize your sizing and provisioning of hybrid cloud solutions.

Lock down your security groups and microsegment your applications to allow only the ports and traffic that you need.  Your new environment can be more secure than your existing one.

Requires: CloudScape Module

Migrate, define and provision application stacks through RISC Networks' ITOA Platform
Migrate with integrations through RISC Networks platform

Migrate with Integrations

Feed your grouped applications into Cloud Endure, RiverMeadow, CloudVelox and Velostrata to provide easy lift and shift migrations to public cloud.

Requires: Foundation Module

Validate and Optimize

Keep your IT enterprise picture up to date by re-discovering assets in the cloud and integrating them to your hybrid cloud picture.  We collect inventory and performance data from AWS, allowing you to track your progress toward migration and optimize those assets again after the move.  Never be surprised by what is running and how it connects and consumes both cloud and on-premise resources.

Adjust your public cloud resources to optimize costs based on usage patterns and improved performance.

Requires: CloudScape Module

Migrate, validate and optimize through RISC Networks platform

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