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(Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud)

Tackling the cloud without a clear picture of your IT environment can impact your business.

  • Discover your entire environment
  • Organize and classify your application portfolio
  • Optimize your cloud costs
  • Migrate with integrations
  • Validate and optimize your IT infrastructure
IaaS Cloud costing by provider as shown in the RISC Networks ITOA Platform

Disaster Recovery

Be certain that your disaster recovery plans cover the most critical systems - completely.  RISC Networks' Foundation module provides the details needed to verify your applications' dependencies and understand the requirements to DR to the cloud.

Top DR applications through the RISC Networks platform
  • Prioritize the most important applications in your environment
  • Document and verify all application dependencies to ensure complete recovery
  • Understand which of your locations utilize your applications and their requirements to reconnect fully (Bandwidth, etc)
  • Properly size cloud components to recover your application if you DR to the public cloud
  • Understand network requirements for syncing DR instances based on complete application stack data change rates



Information without context is just data.  Many platforms can deliver you data, we place that data in context. Our new Security Module combines with the context of applications, business services, and departments to make your data actionable.

There is a big difference between:  “My server is connecting to anonymous proxies.” -and- “My HR department’s employee database is connecting to anonymous proxies, and Sara owns it.”

  • NIST and OVAL Integrations enable the determination of vulnerabilities on Linux packages (RHEL, SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Oracle, and CentOS)
  • Geolocation - Understand where your users are, and if they are accessing your applications from high-risk countries or anonymous proxies
  • Threat Levels & Reports - Rank and prioritize servers in the environment based on their behaviors
  • Auditable system of record for all connectivity in your environment
  • Quickly search for any communication that may have occurred using advanced filters and keywords
  • Know when you have a new, unrecognized connection
Threat Coverage Table


You are in charge of managing your IT infrastructure and you need to update the CMDB, but where do you start?  RISC Networks can help by discovering your environment so that you can populate your CMDB platform.  RISC Networks will also keep the CMDB platform up to date with continual discovery and analytics.

  • Easily and quickly populate your CMDB with initial discovery and application dependency data.
  • Continually update your CMDB as changes occur in your environment.  Do you know what new links a developer may have added to your application?
  • Enrich your CMDB with detailed analytics around hardware and software lifecycle and cloud
  • ServiceNow Integration
ITSM CMDB through the RISC Networks platform

LAN Segmentation

Software Defined Networking opens opportunities to secure and optimize your network designs.  RISC Networks' analysis can assist by allowing you to microsegment your LAN infrastructure - easily, accurately, and quickly.

  • Quickly define relationships between application stacks and know what firewall rules you will need
  • Microsegment services to provide additional layers of application security
  • Tag application stacks and databases with critical information in order to build advanced profiles based on PCI and/or HIPAA compliant data sources
  • Use our REST API to import the data into SDN platforms

Asset and Software Lifecycle Analysis

Understanding the overall age of your environment is critical to its stability and security.  RISC Networks' lifecycle database allows for continual evaluation of hardware and software lifecycle analysis so that you are always ahead in your planning.

  • Cisco Network Equipment lifecycle analysis
  • Cisco Discovery Services integration - provides Software and SmartNet contract and coverage information
  • Windows Server, Linux, and Windows Workstation operating system lifecycle analysis
  • HP and Juniper lifecycle analysis
  • Server Hardware lifecycle analysis
Asset software lifecycle through RISC Networks platform

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