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You have questions.  We can help.  Register for a call in session and ask the experts.  Sessions will be hosted via GoToWebinar and available to any Customer or Partner.  *Please remember that people from many different companies can be on the same call and avoid sharing confidential details.

Recorded Webinar Trainings

Cedar Release Webinar

Better Data, Faster Decisions

Cedar Release Screenshots Collage

Follow our VP of Product, Zane Whitner, as he walks through the Cedar product update. See the Optimization Scorecard, Application Summary Exports, Reserved Instance Pricing, and enhancements to Geolocation.

Watch the recording below.

Balsam Webinar

More Signal, Less Noise

Join us as Zane Whitner, VP of Product Development, walks us through the new features of Balsam. We've added new functionality around security, new dashboards and reports, and more robust asset reporting.

Our team has been heads down over the past quarter making it easier for you to sift through the noise, deliver brand new lines of analysis and visualization, and keep your environment more secure.

Introducing our Balsam Release. This update includes features to improve discovery, prioritize security threats, and give you the tools to align IT with the business.

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Application Grouping Basics

Training Agenda

This webinar will provide an introduction to the CloudScape module and the workflow to confirm Auto Generated Application Stacks. You will learn:

• How to navigate the system in relation to Application Stacks

• Understand RISC Networks conception of Application Stacks vs. Applications

• Customize and refine auto-generated application stacks

• Application Stack tagging basics

• Confirming applications

View the recorded live webinar,
'Application Grouping Basics'

Cloud Readiness Assessments

Training Agenda

Learn how to use the RISC Networks platform to analyze your application portfolio for cloud migration. You will learn:

• How to identify low hanging fruit for cloud migrations

• Techniques for scoring applications for migration

• How to identify PaaS and SaaS opportunities in your environment

• Understand how much Cloud will cost to run for your applications:

• AWS, Azure, VMware on AWS, etc

• Understand how to size private/hybrid cloud solutions for your applications

View the recorded live webinar,
'Cloud Readiness Assessments
with RISC Networks'

Securing your Environment with RISC Networks

Training Agenda

Learn how to use RISC Networks Foundation module to improve your security posture and reduce your response times for security events.  RISC Networks Foundation provides an holistic picture of your entire IT estate as well as security specific analytics and reporting.  Jeremy Littlejohn, co-founder and Chief Analyst, will present an overview of the major security features and reporting available in RISC Networks Foundation and talk about specific security use cases our partners and customers are executing today.

View the recorded live webinar,
'Securing your Environment
with RISC Networks Foundation'

Enrich your ServiceNow with RISC Networks

Training Agenda

RISC Networks co-founder and Chief Analyst, Jeremy Littlejohn, covers the newly released ServiceNow integration for RISC Networks. Learn how to bi-directionally enrich the information about your ITSM environment and how to access, configure, and execute synchronization.

View the recorded live webinar,
'Enrich your ServiceNow with RISC Networks'


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