How It Works

You have a lot of IT monitoring tools that give you a snapshot of specific issues within your network environment. Our analysis goes beyond what you are getting to give you the full picture of your IT estate and provides the actionable intelligence you need to transform it.  Learn how below.

What You Get

Vendor-Neutral Analysis

Holistic, vendor-neutral analysis of your core network infrastructure, server, virtualization, unified communication, data center and cloud environments.

Simple, Hands-Off Approach

Unlike IT monitoring tools or traditional network assessments, our analytics tools are simple to deploy (as little as 15 minutes) and take 7 days on average to analyze your network to get useful results.

Documentation to Take Action

Unparalleled documentation across your environment that helps IT leaders operationalize your IT environment, take action and plan for change.

Reduction of Staff Involvement

Most network monitoring tools and assessment engagements require considerable involvement of IT resources, consultants and partner resources.

How Our SaaS Architecture Works

How on premises architecture works graphic

In our traditional SaaS model, the virtual appliance runs on site and collects data via various collection methods.  The data is communicated to all three layers: Orchestration, Analysis and Presentation.  All of this runs in the cloud and is protected by our encryption methods.

How Our On-Premises Architecture Works

How On-Premises Architecture Works graphic

The on-premise Collection Layer, gathering data from the various collection methods below (SNMP, WMI, etc.), communicates outbound two ways: to the Orchestration Layer (control plane), and the Analysis and Presentation Layers (data plane).  The orange arrows are API calls.  No customer data comes through the Orchestration Layer/control plane.  Proxy servers are supported at this level.

Deployment Options

For organizations who have security concerns prohibiting their data from leaving their respective locations, FLEX Deployment is available.  FLEX Deploy differs from our standard deployment method in that the analysis takes place entirely within the customer's environment.

SaaS Deployment (Analysis in the Cloud)

On-Premises Deployment (FlexDeploy)

FLEX graphic

FLEX Deployment allows the data plane to be run at the customer's site.  This way, no data leaves the premises.  This ensures extra security for businesses like banks or government agencies who may have data security concerns.  There is still some API communication as far as orchestration, but no customer data passes through the Orchestration Layer itself.

Keeping Your Data Secure

We have worked with over 11,000 organizations worldwide including government agencies, hospitals, banks and universities – and their data security has always been a top priority of ours. Working with you will be no different.  We focus on keeping our customer's data safe, their interactions with our applications secure and their business protected.

  • We work proactively to ensure the highest level of security by using data encryption.
  • We also help you find your security vulnerabilities so you can patch them; your security is important to us.
  • We do not obtain personal information such as credit cards, health records or financial information. We collect and aggregate component-level data to provide you with an accurate assessment of your infrastructure as well as your IT Score.

GDPR Regulation

MAY 25, 2018

RISC Networks, LLC takes seriously the requirements of the GDPR regulation.

Our website ( does not collect information that can be used to identify any specific person. We aggregate anonymous data about our website visitors for the purpose of improving our website and product offerings. We do not sell or otherwise share this user data with any third party.

In the event that a visitor to our website fills out a form or otherwise voluntarily identifies themself to us, we will use the information provided by that user for its commercial purpose and also for the purpose of improving our website and product offerings.

Regarding our Portal, the only information we collect for a user is the name and email address of that user. We have always been compliant with requests to delete this information once its purpose has been realized, for example, at the conclusion of a subscription. No personal data can be “forgotten” unless and until such commercial purpose has been realized, for example, upon the expiration of an audit requirement that RISC Networks may be subject to.

To the extent that RISC Networks may be considered to be a “data processor” under Article 4, the data that we process for the purpose of providing our products is not personal information. We delete data in compliance with our own data retention policy.