RISC Networks and ServiceNow

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You already use ServiceNow for your CMDB and many other IT functions. Now it's time to ensure you have the complete picture of your IT environment by syncing enriched analytics from RISC Networks' ITOA Platform.  

When it comes to IT Service Management, ServiceNow helps keep your business running with the information needed to see the big picture of your IT environment.  The RISC Networks IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) Platform gives you enriched IT analytics to gain even more insight and ensures your ServiceNow instance is always up to date.  Learn more about our integration by watching the Enrich your ServiceNow with RISC Networks webinar.

ServiceNow Certified Application

RISC Networks Integration with ServiceNow Solution Brief

Learn more about how to use our integration to enhance your ServiceNow.  From updating the CMDB to keeping you ahead of end of life devices, we've got the complete discovery you need to get the most value out of your ServiceNow.  Read the Solution Brief to learn more.

RISC Networks and ServiceNow

IT Leaders face a major challenge when trying to gain a complete picture of their current IT environment...disparate systems.  Each team uses different software platforms to manage everything from individual apps to monitoring to ticketing.  Bringing information from disparate sources into one, actionable platform, that's what makes ServiceNow so powerful.


What if you could make your ServiceNow instance even better?


Introducing the ServiceNow Integration from RISC Networks.

By bringing all of the advanced discovery and analytics from RISC Networks into your ServiceNow instance you gain the power to make decisions with a complete view of your IT estate.  Discover more of your environment including all on-premises and cloud devices. Add lifecycle information so that you're aware when end-of-life hardware and software will impact your business.  Push ServiceNow app names into RISC Networks' ITOA Platform so that your CMDB stays up to date and powerful analytics give you new insight into application performance.  Use ServiceNow workflow to automatically open tickets when the information from RISC Networks' IT enriched analytics indicates business-impacting issues.

Do you know where all of the end of life hardware and software are in your environment?

Are you certain your Cisco networking equipment does not have any vulnerabilities that have not been patched?

Do you know where you should focus your efforts to get the biggest impact?

Which applications in your environment have the most issues?

How many are internet facing or have dependencies on other critical services?

Are you checking all of this daily?

Answer all of these questions and more with the RISC Networks/ServiceNow Integration.

*Integration will only be available for our SaaS product.  Customers using on-premises instances “Flex-Deploy” will not have access.

CMDB Updates

Keep your CMDB Up-to-Date

Turn your ServiceNow into action.  Add the discovery information you get from RISC Networks to your ServiceNow to update the CMDB.  Gather dependency information from application groups down to the device level to know what changes to make to the database.

Most businesses today run on hybrid cloud sources.  RISC Networks provides detailed data on both on-premises and cloud devices, so that you're getting the analytics you need across all your resources.

  • Detailed discovery data
  • Understand dependencies
  • Constantly updated
Update your CMDB within the ServiceNow platform utilizing RISC Networks asset discovery information

Add Lifecycle Information into your ServiceNow

Enrich your Understanding

Do you know when devices you depend on will be unsupported?  Do you know if you have an OS nearing end of life? RISC Networks can provide you with this information and populate it into your ServiceNow.  Managing these systems with a full scope of knowledge allows you to stay ahead of potential problems and avoid costly issues down the road.


Upload end of life information into your ServiceNow to develop plans for correcting issues.  Know what devices need to be replaced.  Utilize RISC Networks' SmartNet coverage via Cisco to know the background on your Cisco devices and determine security vulnerabilities.  Update your CIs in ServiceNow with information regarding end of support hardware and software.

  • Detailed device/OS EoX
  • Correct issues
  • Cisco SmartNet information

Populate your ServiceNow Instance

Discover More

Advanced discovery and analytics turn CMDBs like ServiceNow into actionable platforms.  Asset data and periodic service mappings do not provide the critical information needed for making decisions about your IT strategy.  RISC Networks' Foundation module provides continual discovery, application and service mapping, and advanced analytics to enrich your ServiceNow instance with information about the reliability, scalability, performance and optimization of your environment.

Input ServiceNow app names into the RISC Networks platform to get further insight into application performance.  Ensure your CMDB is always up-to-date.

  • Continual discovery
  • Advanced analytics
  • Add tags and filters
RISC Networks asset sidebar view within the ServicNow platform

Open Tickets to Resolve Performance and/or Lifecycle Issues

Simplified Workflows

End of life software and hardware have inherent security issues.  They are no longer being updated.  In addition, networking equipment often have security vulnerabilities that you may not be aware of since that team is often separate from the compute teams.  End of life network equipment can be a major liability in your operational plan.

Create customizable workflows within the platform to automatically open tickets

Create workflows to automatically open tickets and get solutions faster.  Build workflows within the ServiceNow platform using RISC Networks data.  Customize workflows to increase efficiency and help your team get solutions faster.

  • Customizable workflows
  • Faster time to resolution
  • System of record

If you use ServiceNow for your CMDB and other ITSM/ITOM functions, it's time to ensure you have the complete picture of your IT environment by syncing enriched analytics from RISC Networks' ITOA Platform.  By bringing all of the advanced discovery and analytics from RISC Networks into your ServiceNow instance you gain the power to make decisions with a complete view of your IT estate. Click the button below to learn more.

Ready to install the ServiceNow Plugin? Click the button below for detailed Installation Instructions.

RISC Networks co-founder and Chief Analyst, Jeremy Littlejohn, covers the newly released ServiceNow integration for RISC Networks. Learn how to bi-directionally enrich the information about your ITSM environment and how to access, configure, and execute synchronization.


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