We’ve Taken Serverless Computing to the Next Level

As RISC Networks continues to stay on the edge of network and data center technology, we’re always looking for ways to innovate on the latest and greatest offerings. Whether it’s Blockchain, AI, AR, Machine learning, or some other new technology, we’re studying how we can help businesses execute. Today, we’re proud to announce our latest innovation related to serverless computing. We’re happy to announce the RISC Networks Computerless Computing Platform Assessment (CCPA).


Blockchain, AR, AI, What’s Next?


We took a hard look at the advancements in serverless computing and tried to figure out how we could add value. Several clients have seen significant cost and resource requirements reduction simply by embracing serverless computing for simple repeatable tasks. We tried to find ways to further reduce costs and compute resources by removing the computer altogether. Our team decided to “eat our own dog food”  to see if we could save money. What we found was astonishing. We significantly cut software and computing resource requirements. In some departments, we were able to remove software and hardware budgets completely. Below, we go through different departments and how we were able to embrace computerless computing to reduce software and hardware costs.

Client Services

Our client services team is comprised of customer success, customer service, and professional services. In our customer service department, we were able to cut our number of CRM licenses, remove the need for workstations, and promote cross-departmental communication.

The Support team is feverishly responding to new bugs.


Sales and Marketing

Our sales and marketing team also saw license costs reduced significantly. We were able to not only cut our CRM licenses, but we were also able to reduce task management software licenses as well. On the marketing side, we saved money by removing photo editing and desktop publishing software.

The Sales team has no time for breaks when closing deals.


Our product team went above and beyond to embrace computerless computing. While there were significant adjustments to the workflow, we realized significant reductions in Github merge issues, time spent on code reviews, and eye strain. Again, cross-departmental communication with client services was also positively impacted. Our  product team is currently experimenting with a rollout of TCP over Avian Carrier Communication (TCPACC). We retain our signature world-class customer service and professional demeanor in everything we do.

The Product team is working away at escalated bugs.


Final Results

Our State of the art Computerless Platform Assessment

Overall, we were able to cut hardware and software costs significantly across all departments. We see computerless computing as a success. The only small drawback was that our operational budget quadrupled as we had to hire 4 times as many people across all departments. Our office supply costs also increased significantly but at least we cut software budget. We would love to run an assessment to see if your company can benefit from a computerless computing platform. To get started, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

RISC Networks

81 Broadway Street, Suite C.

Asheville, NC 28801.