Identify, prioritize, and act on security threats in your IT environment. Which applications are most vulnerable? Which applications are communicating with high-risk areas? 

Sift through the Noise to find the Signal.

Identify your Most Vulnerable Applications

It's important to have tools that provide alerts on network and server vulnerabilities. What happens when those tools alert on everything? How do companies prioritize and triage vulnerabilities in a timely manner?

RISC Networks provides additional context to understand:

  • Which applications are most impacted by threats
  • Which applications are most vulnerable due to higher traffic
  • Any applications communicating with high-risk areas or known anonymous proxies
  • If applications are following company compliance policies
  • Who owns these applications and who you can go to in order to solve these issues
Threat Checks

RISC Networks Can Help

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Prioritize Security Threats and Keep your Environment Secure

Identify and Analyze Potential Threats

Pinpoint Vulnerabilites and Understand Context

Take Action

Data with Context Leads to Faster Decisions

Our mission is to provide better data with context, to allow IT practitioners and executives to make actionable decisions. In regards to Security, we've taken the typical model of scanning for threats and added context that matters—context around applications, running processes, and connections.

Maybe you know that Server 123 is newly connecting to the Internet. With RISC Networks, you can know that Server 123 is actually your missile defense system in your Engineering department, and that server is now communicating with a high-risk country. Context is power.

We think that all security vulnerabilities are important. We also know that there are only 40 working hours in a week. Have the context you need to prioritize effectively. It's time you got your weekends back.


Automatically analyze your devices to determine anomalous behaviors and potential areas of concern. Checks are ran nightly against the environment. This data is then compiled and prioritized into a single threat level for each device.

These checks look for instances like:

  • Software vulnerabilities present on packages that are installed or making connections
  • Connections to high-risk areas
  • A new listening process just spun up on a server
  • A device started reaching out to the Internet for the first time

Quickly determine where you might have security holes. See the total number of devices under threat, as well as how that number is changing over time.

Devices Under Threats, Magnified View


With the context of applications, you can understand what security concerns need your attention first. Save time by addressing the issues that matter today instead of trying to sort through endless alerting. Break down the details on threats by what's most important to you. For example, you can filter to see only your PeopleSoft applications with Level 5 threats.

  • Integrations with NIST and CIS OVAL CVE Repositories
  • Identify vulnerabilities on Linux packages (RHEL, SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Oracle, and CentOS)

With our Geolocation features, all incoming and outgoing internet connections will be mapped globally to enable you to understand:

  • Where your users are,
  • If they are accessing your applications from high-risk areas,
  • And if they are accessing your applications from anonymous proxies

Are your HR applications talking to anonymous proxies in a high-risk area? Rank and prioritize potential concerns.

Save or Load Views


Our Security Module combines the context of applications, business services, and departments to make your data actionable.

Be proactive and avoid costly security breaches by identifying areas of concern.

Quickly save a view to share with an application owner so they can remediate threats. Act on what's important.

Are you as vulnerable as your peers?

We know that your IT departments are overworked and overwhelmed. Hundreds of alerts aren't helping.

In the first two weeks post-launch of our Security Module, we worked with hundreds of enterprise customers to identify threats. We measured approximately 55,000 devices in their environments with threats. Of these devices, 46% had Level 3 or higher threats present.

Many of these organizations already have security tools in place. We help you sort through the noise of multiple tools to quickly identify where to prioritize your efforts.


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