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RISC Networks on AWS

Before beginning the migration process, organizations need a deep understanding of what they have in their current environment. The CloudScape Module from RISC Networks provides organizations with actionable data about the applications and data in their on-premises environment to properly formulate a plan for migration. RISC Networks breaks down this process in four phases: agentless discovery of data, add intelligence to the data, consume the intelligence, and act on the intelligence. These crucial steps help organizations determine which applications should be moved to the cloud before others, and which ones to retire.  Leveraging the tools provided by RISC Networks to begin your migration to AWS ensures that your organization will have a total understanding of your entire infrastructure and a tailored migration plan. Once migrated to AWS, RISC Networks continues to track application analytics, to ensure they are working properly.

Benefits of Data Center Workload Analysis for Migration

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Gain a better understanding of the potential impact on the network for every workload you migrate

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Understand the complete picture of dependencies and receive a full performance profile of each workload

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Simplify group exportation for faster workload migrations

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Construct workload move groups easily for data center or IaaS migrations

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Stack physical and virtual server performance to gain improved workload monitoring

RISC Networks + Turner Broadcasting Case Study

Turner Broadcasting System was looking to migrate to the AWS Cloud, but before doing so, they needed to evaluate their current IT environment to formulate a migration plan. Turner knew very little about their environment, making the evaluation process difficult. Turner eventually utilized RISC Networks to conduct a complete scan of their IT environment, allowing them to develop an effective migration plan. By using RISC, Turner was able to develop an effective migration plan, allowing them to choose which applications would be best moved first. In addition, upon completion of the RISC scan, Turner discovered they had been running almost 1,000 servers that weren’t being used and immediately shut them off.

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Webinar: Simplify Migration with Complete App Analysis

When choosing to migrate to the cloud, many organizations struggle with an overwhelming amount of information about their existing infrastructure. Much of this information is old and outdated and, because of this, migrations get mired in the process of discovery and can lose momentum.  Turner Broadcasting experienced this first hand as they evaluated tens of thousands of servers for migration into the AWS Cloud.  By leveraging the CloudScape Module to analyze their existing environment, Turner was able to quickly identify which applications to retire and which ones to migrate to the AWS Cloud.  Join the webinar to learn how Turner Broadcasting leveraged the CloudScape Module to simplify their migration process.

Join us to learn:

  • How RISC Networks helps you determine which applications should be moved first
  • Best practices for determining which applications to retire
  • How to prepare for the migration process by conducting a complete application analysis

AWS Presenter:

Carmen Puccio, Solutions Architect, AWS

RISC Networks Presenter:

Jeremy Littlejohn, CEO, RISC Networks

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