RISC Networks Sheds Light on Hidden Problems for Dawn Food Products, Inc.

RISC Networks Sheds Light on Hidden Problems for Dawn Food Products, Inc.

RISC Networks Helps IT Team Evaluate and Optimize Legacy Infrastructure


A family-owned business that continued to grow, Dawn Food Products, Inc. knew they needed to evaluate their current IT environment to keep up with the evolution of their company.  RISC Networks helped identify small issues before they became large ones.  The IT team at Dawn got the information they needed to prepare for the continued growth of the company.

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Solutions and Analytics

  • Network Assessment
  • Asset Discovery & Report
  • Critical Interface Report
  • Device End-of-Life Report

Key Benefits

  • Quick Problem Identification
  • Proactive Issue Management
  • Performance Improvements
  • Automated Assessment Process

The Challenge

As Dawn Food Products’ business grew, the challenges of expanding their IT systems and services within the organization became critical in supporting their increasing global reach. The IT team at Dawn realized the need to evaluate their IT infrastructure for small problems before they became larger issues, and they knew an expert opinion would validate those concerns.

“The engagement with RISC Networks was valuable, and it was a fresh set of eyes looking at our IT environment. It allowed us to see some details we had simply overlooked.” – Art Hill, Network Manager, Dawn Food Products, Inc.

The RISC Networks Solution

In addition to the variety of baked goods and other food products offered by Dawn, they are also one of the leading wholesale distributors of bakery supplies. In order to deliver bakery products to 40 major metropolitan areas, Dawn relies on their network infrastructure to keep things running smoothly.

The IT team at Dawn Food Products saw the need to evaluate their IT infrastructure to ensure they could handle the continued growth and keep things owing for their various operations. They brought in RISC Networks to evaluate their infrastructure and to help them nd the small problems before they became larger, impactful issues.

RISC Networks’ analytics helped identify existing issues and evaluated how well Dawn’s IT infrastructure was running. Although initially skeptical, the IT team at Dawn quickly realized the value the RISC Networks tool and analytics brought to their team. It helped them uncover infrastructure issues and shed light on details that were previously overlooked.

Benefits of Using RISC Networks

In addition to RISC Networks’ analytics for network, data center and cloud environments, they provide a TopIT score to every client on each engagement. Using a thorough analysis of the network infrastructure (data center, virtualization, core network infrastructure, servers, desktop and unified communications), the RISC Networks analytics creates a baseline and compares it against the overall IT community.

Dawn Food Products ranked in the top five of all organizations similar in size that had been evaluated during the same period. This is a solid reflection of the IT team at Dawn Food Products and their commitment to great service. The RISC Networks TopIT score is valuable in capturing a benchmark and presenting it to executive leaders as to the health of the IT infrastructure.

About Dawn Food Products, Inc.

What began as a small, yet thriving bakery in Jackson, MI, more than eight decades ago has evolved into the international bakery supplier known as Dawn Food Products, Inc. Over the years, Dawn Food Products, Inc. has continually evolved itself in order to provide quality goods and services their customers depend on. The company has expanded, but remains true to their core beliefs operating as a family business and their commitment to the customer. American owned and operated, but globally focused, Dawn Food Products supplies a complete line of quality consistent mixes, bases, icings, glazes, fillings, frozen dough, par-baked and fully baked products and equipment to the worldwide food industry. With distribution and manufacturing facilities around the world, supporting a comprehensive export department, Dawn Food Products, Inc. has the ability to effectively service five continents.

About RISC Networks

RISC Networks was established in 2007 with the singular goal of providing the best IT intelligence so that our partners and customers can make the right decisions about their IT environments. In the ensuing years, we have completed thousands of assessments and worked with hundreds of partners including hosting providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Google, Rackspace and global SIs, MSPs and VARs.

With our IT Operations Analytics Platform, we bring you advanced intelligence about IT environments allowing you to plan cloud and data center migrations, disaster recovery, security, monitor performance and trending, ITSM/CMDB updates, LAN/WAN segmentation and asset software and lifecycle management.