RISC Networks Protects Southern Trust Insurance Co.’s IT Team from Disaster

RISC Networks Protects Southern Trust Insurance Co.'s IT Team from Disaster

Insurance Provider Pinpoints Application Issues Using RISC Networks’ IT Analytics


Southern Trust began experiencing problems with their new insurance quote system. The IT Team at Southern Trust chose RISC Networks to isolate the problem, and RISC Networks was able to pinpoint the issue as an error in the software provider’s code. After utilizing RISC Networks, quote response times were reduced from 160 seconds to two seconds per quote.

Solutions and Analytics

  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Asset Discovery and Report
  • Unified Correlation Engine Logic

Key Benefits

  • Isolated the Specific Performance Bottleneck
  • Improved Application Response Times
  • Increased Confidence with Southern Trust’s Clients

The Challenge

When Southern Trust began experiencing problems with a newly purchased web-based insurance agency quotation system, transaction response times slowed to unacceptable levels during quote and re-quote requests. With the independent agents unable to process timely quote requests for clients, Southern Trust needed a solution as soon as possible.

The IT team at Southern Trust realized they needed to bring in their partner, Nexus IS, to help them isolate the problem. Once Nexus IS did the initial onsite assessment, they understood that they needed to isolate the problem quickly and chose RISC Networks analytics to help them with the task at hand.

RISC Networks’ Solution

RISC Networks, and its partner, Nexus IS, worked with Southern Trust Insurance’s in-house IT department to provide the comprehensive business technology analytics services needed to determine the specific cause of the client’s IT issues, and provide quantifiable answers regarding accountability, as well as detailed instructions on how to solve them.

Using the data produced, RISC Networks and Nexus IS quickly pinpointed the problem as an error in the software provider’s application code and as a result, quote response times were as high as 160 seconds or more. Once the software provider accepted responsibility and rectified the issue, response times were improved to as low as two seconds. They were able to provide online insurance quotes more quickly than ever, and their agents had the confidence that Southern Trust Insurance could provide their clients with a fast and reliable system.

“Nexus IS and RISC Networks performed their work quickly and professionally with a sense of ownership and responsibility.” – Ronnie Waddleton, Network Manager, Southern Trust Insurance Company

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Why RISC Networks

Isolated Performance Issue to Software Application Provider

Southern Trust Insurance had what appeared to be a network-related performance issue, upon further investigation, utilizing the expertise of their partner and RISC Networks, they were able to pinpoint the problem to a specific application. RISC Networks’ analytics offer a wide range of data collection and analysis to help organizations with troubleshooting and planning major IT infrastructure and cloud related projects.

About Southern Trust

Since its foundation by W.H. Anderson II in Macon, GA in 1968 Southern Trust has experienced expansive growth. They began with a mission to offer competitively priced quality insurance products through a network of independent insurance agents. Southern Trust has stayed on course- in the past 46 years, their product line has grown as well as the number of independent insurance agents representing them.

Southern Trust has over 200 professional independent agents in Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina. Being located in the Southeast allows Southern Trust to better understand the needs and the opportunities of the agencies and policyholders they serve throughout Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina.

Southern Trust enjoys a fine reputation and a strong financial position in the insurance industry. Their financial strength is evidenced by their A- (Excellent) rating from the A.M. Best Company, the oldest and most experienced insurance rating organization in the world.

About RISC Networks

RISC Networks is 100% independent, platform agnostic and self-funded since 2007. The RISC Networks vision is to unlock business potential by delivering more meaningful data analysis and providing information that helps IT leaders take immediate action. RISC Networks is the industry’s leader in cloud, data center and network operations analytics. The company is headquartered in Asheville, NC.