RISC Networks Helps KEMBA Financial Keep Things Running Smoothly

RISC Networks Helps KEMBA Financial Keep Things Running Smoothly

Historic Credit Union Optimizes their Network with the Help of RISC Networks’ ITOA Platform


KEMBA Financial Credit Union needed to evaluate their existing infrastructure’s readiness for upcoming telecommunications projects. RISC Networks helped them determine the IT environment’s capacity for change. Using the intelligence gathered with RISC Networks’ platform, KEMBA quickly created a solution plan.

Solutions and Analytics

  • Network Assessment
  • Asset Discovery & Report
  • Critical Interface Report
  • Device End-of-Life Report

Key Benefits

  • Fast, Actionable Results
  • Created Solution Plan in One Week
  • Identified Opportunities to Improve
  • Proved Accountability
  • Reduced Man Power

The Challenge

Many of their credit union members make KEMBA Financial their sole financial institution, therefore, it is essential to KEMBA Financial’s business that their IT infrastructure continues running smooth and efficiently. As part of their ongoing efforts to optimize their network and prepare for upcoming telecommunication projects, KEMBA Financial needed a way to evaluate their existing infrastructure’s readiness.

Benefits of RISC Networks’ Solution

KEMBA’s IT team engaged RISC Networks to analyze their IT infrastructure and provide in-depth analytics to determine their capacity for advanced real-time traffic and help plan for any changes or upgrades that might be necessary.

By utilizing RISC Networks proprietary platform and Unified Correlation Engine Logic (UCEL), KEMBA Financial gained access to detailed, actionable deliverables to create a solution plan in only one week. Using the data produced, RISC Networks quickly identified opportunities for KEMBA Financial to add to or improve their users’ experience in areas such as system capacity, application responsiveness and network speed. Additionally, the data helped prove accountability to their outside software vendor for slow response times.

“KEMBA Financial Credit Union was able to achieve a significant uplift in ROI on our IT investments by using RISC Networks’ business technology analytics.” – Corey Swoyer, Network Administrator, KEMBA Financial Credit Union

Actionable Results

KEMBA Financial needed data that would help them with upcoming projects and RISC Networks provided their IT team with the actionable results needed to help make IT improvement decisions.

Learn more about RISC Networks’ ITOA Platform.

Identified Opportunities

RISC Networks’ UCEL data provided the IT leadership team with the information needed to identify areas where they could add to or improve the overall user experience while proving accountability to outside vendors.

About KEMBA Financial Credit Union

KEMBA Financial Credit Union was founded in 1933 as the credit union for the employees of The Kroger Company. In fact, KEMBA stands for Kroger Employee Mutual Benefits Association.

Located just outside of Columbus, Ohio, the original branch office was a small room inside the Kroger Bakery where the Credit Union helped members for nearly 40 years. Eventually KEMBA outgrew the small office, and in 1971, they moved to East Broad Street in Whitehall, Ohio. That building was expanded and renovated in 1980 and again in 1994 as growth continued.

They have come a long way since their humble beginnings at Kroger Bakery, yet KEMBA’s purpose remains the same: promoting thrift and providing credit. Enriching the financial lives of those they have the privilege to serve is KEMBA Financial’s mission. Doing so in a sound manner, for both their members and the cooperative is their practice.

About RISC Networks

With a focus on IT discovery and application dependency mapping, RISC Networks provides meaningful data analysis for some of the largest global 500 companies. Their mission is to improve the performance of both partner and end-user’s businesses by simplifying their daily activities and producing the outcome they expect from their IT solutions.