RISC Networks’ CloudScape was Crucial to Viacom’s Cloud Migration Strategy

RISC Networks CloudScape was Crucial to Viacom's Cloud Migration Strategy

Detailed Analysis Accelerates Transition to Cloud


Viacom was considering a cloud move to help with their upgrade and scalability issues. To prepare for the impending transition, RISC Networks provided Viacom with a cloud readiness assessment that included application dependency mapping, network impact analysis and more.

The Challenge

Viacom has long considered cloud as an option to solve many of their upgrade, scalability and provisioning issues. After initially testing the waters with OpenStack, Viacom finally made a decision to go all in with AWS. Viacom’s infrastructure consisted of several different types of workloads from web hosting, mobile apps, video on demand, media services, linear distribution, and end user compute services. Viacom needed to move these services to cloud without interrupting their OpenStack configuration, or service to their 700 million global subscribers.

How RISC Networks Helped Viacom

2nd Watch, an AWS Premier consulting partner, was tasked with delivering a Cloud Readiness Assessment to Viacom. The 2nd Watch team utilized RISC Networks’ CloudScape to complete the assessment. CloudScape provided automated discovery and application dependency mapping, usage and inventory based TCO analysis, and a network impact analysis. This gave Viacom an application-centric visualization of their network, which shortened the application migration planning process and reduced dependencies on Viacom’s Direct Connect Link. Additionally, CloudScape assisted 2nd Watch in validating Viacom’s internal total cost of ownership analysis.

“We were delivered a mapping of our application interdependencies, how they talked to each other, the level of chatter, and we built that into our migration plan to help us reduce dependencies on our Direct Connect link.” – Keith Hochberg, Vice President, Computer and Cloud Services at Viacom

Learn more about the CloudScape module.

Benefits of RISC Networks

  • Asset Discovery and Inventory: RISC Networks’ agentless discovery process can provide organizations with a complete inventory of their environment. This helps organizations update documentation around network equipment, Windows servers, Linux/Unix servers, and VMware infrastructure.
  • Application-Centric Visualizations: RISC Networks automates application dependency mapping, and layers on critical data such as network flow data, location (using patent pending technology), and much more for comprehensive visualizations. We provide an automated application grouping to help you get started with your move plan.
  • Network Impact Analysis: Data presented in the Network Impact Analysis section for each move group is critical in planning WAN capacity for cloud/data center moves. Understanding how a move will impact the overall infrastructure performance is imperative to cloud migration planning.
  • Cloud Cost Modeling: RISC Networks’ CloudScape can provide inventory and usage-based cost for several public, private, and hybrid cloud regions. We factor in storage and Network I/O information to provide the most accurate pricing for multiple cloud providers to get an understanding of application/service level pricing, as well as workload pricing.

About Viacom

Viacom is a global media conglomerate consisting of brands such as VH1, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Paramount Pictures, TV Land, Spike, and many other major media names. Viacom’s media network has a reach of approximately 700 million global subscribers in 160 countries and territories.

About RISC Networks

RISC Networks is 100% independent, platform agnostic and self-funded since 2007. The RISC Networks vision is to unlock business potential by delivering more meaningful data analysis and providing information that helps IT leaders take immediate action. RISC Networks is the industry’s leader in cloud, data center and network operations analytics with more than 12,000 analytics engagements and hundreds of industry leading solution partners. The company is headquartered in Asheville, NC.