RISC Networks Announces Its Newly Restructured IT Operations Analytics Platform Geared Towards the Modern Business

RISC Networks announces its newly restructured, module-based ITOA Platform. The modules include: Foundation, which includes discovery and application dependency mapping; CloudScape for cloud sizing, pricing and migration planning, and Performance and Trending so you can see environment and device trends.

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Asheville, NC

March 21, 2018

RISC Networks is proud to announce the release of its newly restructured, module-based IT Operations Analytics Platform. Begin your journey with the Foundation module and build upon your organizational needs by adding additional modules. The flexibility of the module-based platform gives organizations the ability to choose between a variety of use cases required for their project needs and the ability to tack on added modules for encompassing projects with greater scope. The modules not only add freedom to choose between use cases, but also streamlined prices due to the specific needs and scale of each project.

The modern business’ success is intertwined with the success of its IT environment, even though consumers do not see the inner workings of this aspect. With constant changes and transformations, IT is a continual process that has no finite endpoint. In order to quickly, safely and securely complete transformation projects, there must first be an understanding of how business applications are interdependent upon one another, who consumes them, and in what devices/servers/VMs they reside. RISC Networks’ ITOA Platform allows users to quickly plan change for their environments and save up to 80% of the time versus manual methods.

The Foundation module is the base of the platform, and from which each additional module is built. Within Foundation, users begin their IT transformation journey with Agentless Discovery, Comprehensive Inventory, Intelligent Application and Services Mapping and Application Performance Analysis. With these features, users can begin to get a clear understanding of what exists within their IT environment and how the applications and devices interact with one another. The Foundation module is required for combining and purchasing additional modules and is essential because of its importance in creating a clear picture of the IT environment at hand.

Once users have gained a complete picture of their environments they can create migration plans, compare cloud costs and pricing models and size workloads with the CloudScape module. On average, companies spend 66% more than necessary on Cloud IaaS. RISC Networks’ cloud IaaS planning and analysis is built upon patented technology that simplifies cloud cost models for your organization. The ability to optimize and assess cloud pricing plans gives companies cost-effective options for their migration to the cloud- whether it be private, public or hybrid. The Platform also integrates with many popular migration solutions.

“The release of our modular approach was created for the sole purpose of creating more freedom between use cases, thus giving enterprises the financial wherewithal to choose between what they actually need for their current project, and the option to add on other modules for future endeavors. It’s our intent that this new method will save companies money, as well as give them the solutions they need for each particular use case,” said Jean-Paul Lausell, COO at RISC Networks.

RISC Networks ITOA Platform covers use cases spanning from: device/OS EoX, cloud transformation, DR (disaster recovery planning), LAN/WAN Segmentation, security planning, ITSM/CMDB updates and asset and software lifecycle analysis. Whichever your use case may be, RISC Networks has the solutions and flexibility to choose from in the new modular approach.

About RISC Networks

RISC Networks is 100% independent, platform agnostic and self-funded since 2007. The RISC Networks vision is to unlock business potential by delivering more meaningful data analysis and providing information that helps IT leaders take immediate action. RISC Networks is the industry’s leader in cloud, data center and network operations analytics with more than 12,000 analytics engagements and hundreds of industry leading solution partners. The company is headquartered in Asheville, NC.