RISC Networks Aids Luck Companies in Delivering their Company Values

RISC Networks Aids Luck Companies in Delivering their Company Values

RISC Networks Performs IT Assessment to Help One of the Largest U.S. Based Producers of Crushed Stone Optimize their Network to Improve Customer Service


WAN performance became critical to Luck Companies as they continued their efforts to improve customer service.  RISC Networks performed an IT assessment that allowed the Luck Companies team to optimize their network and improve performance throughout their IT estate.

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Solutions & Analytics

  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Asset Discovery & Report
  • Unified Correlation Engine Logic (UCEL)
  • Vendor Neutral Solution Mapping

Key Benefits

  • Identified Performance Issues
  • Optimized and Improved WAN Performance
  • Successfully Implemented Cloud-based CRM Solution

The Challenge

As part of their ongoing efforts to improve customer service, the Luck Companies implemented a cloud-based CRM solution. WAN performance was now of critical importance so they engaged RISC Networks and SyComTechnologies to analyze the IT infrastructure in order to better understand the overall state of the network.

The RISC Networks Solution

By utilizing RISC Networks’ proprietary platform and Unified Correlation Engine Logic (UCEL), RISC Networks and SyCom Technologies quickly identified opportunities to improve performance, plan for smooth transitions in their network and optimize their IT infrastructure. Using the produced data also helped Luck Companies identify the WAN acceleration product that suited their needs.

“We appreciated RISC Networks’ objective role in performing the analytics and providing the comprehensive data we needed to help us achieve our solutions.” – Jack Moore, Network Engineer, Luck Companies

WAN Acceleration Decision

Luck Companies needed to expand their reach and were considering WAN and cloud technologies to achieve this. It was critical for their IT department to ensure they had a well-engineered architecture and implemented the correct acceleration product. RISC Networks’ traffic analytics provided the vital information needed for the Luck IT team to effectively plan and create the proper strategy.

About Luck Companies

Luck Companies inspires their associates, customers, partners and communities by positively impacting them and the lives of those around them through value-based leadership. They believe the best path to exemplary personal and business performance is by making a difference to the lives of others around the world.

Founded in 1923 and having thrived under the leadership of three generations of the Luck family, Luck Companies has embraced creativity, commitment, leadership and integrity as its core values, and strives to build a culture centered on the success of others.

Headquartered in Richmond, Va., Luck Companies comprises four distinct business divisions with a shared vision to make a positive impact: Luck Stone, one of the largest producers of crushed stone in the U.S.; Luck Stone Center, a leading architectural stone supplier with a global sales and distribution presence and locations across the mid-Atlantic region; Har-Tru Sports, the leading provider of clay courts, lighting and court accessories; and an affiliate of Luck Companies, Luck Development Partners resolves to integrate and highlight natural, historical and environmental elements into the design of its real estate projects.

About RISC Networks

RISC Networks was established in 2007 with the singular goal of providing the best IT intelligence so that our partners and customers can make the right decisions about their IT environments. In the ensuing 11 years, we have completed over 12,000 assessments and work with hundreds of partners including hosting providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Google, Rackspace and global SIs, MSPs and VARs.

With our IT Operations Analytics Platform, we bring you advanced intelligence about IT environments allowing you to plan cloud and data center migrations, disaster recovery, security, monitor performance and trending, ITSM/CMDB updates, LAN/WAN segmentation and asset software and lifecycle management.