RISC Networks, LLC Professional Services Addendum

This END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT ADDENDUM (“Addendum”) is attached to and made a part of the RISC Networks End User Agreement (“End User Agreement”) which End User accepted, or will accept, as a part of End User’s use of the Services. To the extent that any provisions of this Addendum conflict with any provision that may be found in the original End User Agreement, the terms of this Addendum shall control. All terms used in this Addendum have the same meanings and are used in the same way as in the End User Agreement.

In addition to the Services described in the End User Agreement, RISC Networks also provides professional services in connection with End User’s use of the Services (the “Professional Services”). If End User purchased Professional Services from RISC Networks through a duly authorized reseller, RISC Networks shall provide the Professional Services to End User without involvement from the reseller or any other third-party. This Addendum specifies the terms of the provision of the Professional Services.

1. Generally. RISC Networks will provide the Professional Services as specified here to End User via remote means, on the date or dates mutually agreed between the End User and RISC. The Professional Services may include delivery of materials prepared for End User to assist in its use of the Services (the “Deliverables”).

2. Services and Work Product. The Professional Services shall be considered “Services” as defined in the End User Agreement and the Deliverables shall be considered to be “Work Product” as defined in the End User Agreement.

3. License to Deliverables. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 4.1 of the End User Agreement, upon delivery of the Deliverables, End User shall have a perpetual, non-transferable, fully paid up license to use, copy, modify and prepare derivative works of the results of Professional Services and the Deliverables delivered to End User hereunder or have the foregoing done on End User’s behalf, solely for its internal business purposes, subject to any restrictions of any third-party materials embodied in the Deliverables and disclosed to End User and subject to any confidentiality limitations specified in Section 4.3 of the End User Agreement. All rights to any materials owned by End User or a third-party and incorporated into the Deliverables, shall remain with End User or the third-party. Other than as set forth expressly herein, all other rights in the Deliverables remain in RISC Networks. RISC Networks shall be free to use the concepts, techniques, and know-how used and developed hereunder relating to RISC Networks’ products and Services. RISC Networks shall be free to perform similar services and develop deliverables for itself or any third party that may be similar or which may be competitive with those produced hereunder.