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*Foundation Module is required for all assessments


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Performance &


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 FoundationCloudScapePerformance &
Unlimited Discovery
Device-Level Performance Details
Automated Application Dependency Mapping
Cloud Cost Comparison
Migration (Move) Planning
App Classification & rscore
IT Environment Trends
App Stack Performance Comparisons
Device Performance Over Time
Threat Levels and Reports
Software Vulnerability Reporting

Foundation icon

Foundation Details

A strong foundation lets you focus on delivering results without fear of missing something important.

Agentless Discovery

Deploying agents takes time and is expensive.  RISC Networks' platform uses lightweight agentless collection methods to gather critical data without impacting your environment.  Our single virtual appliance can scale to thousands of devices being monitored and analyzed.

Total devices through RISC Networks' ITOA Platform

Comprehensive Inventory

A successful foundation includes discovering servers, network and Unified Communications components.  RISC Networks' discovery process has been refined through over 13,000 deployments.  We focus on:

  • Windows and Linux/Unix Servers and Workstations
  • Complete Software Inventory
  • Network Equipment (Routers, Switches, etc.)
  • VMware environments
  • Cisco Unified Communications environments
  • Cloud based environments
  • Database Architectures (MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle)

RISC Networks' discovery and inventory are fast, lightweight, safe and secure.  Click here to register and see the details on what we collect.

Application summary breakdown by applications, server, the resource usage per hour and IaaS cost per hour

Intelligent Application and Services Mapping

Application Dependency Mapping is only part of the picture.  Understanding which servers and assets depend on one another to function is critical, but understanding how they pool together to provide business applications empowers you to tackle difficult questions.  Intelligent Application and Services Mapping provides:

  • Automated application and service discovery and grouping
  • Mapping of which infrastructure services application stacks depend on to function (e.g. Active Directory)
  • Application consumption by location- to quickly show which sites use specific applications and their impact on your network
  • Detailed port and protocol dependencies by process.  Allowing you to microsegment and secure your environment or deploy advanced networking features like SDN.
  • Detailed bandwidth and latency metrics (Requires Flow licensing) to help WAN planning and network sizing
Unified correlation engine logic through the RISC Networks Platform

Application Performance Analysis

RISC Networks UCEL (Unified Correlation Engine Logic) checks all licensed devices for issues every 24 hours and provides Application rollup functionality- allowing you to pinpoint problem applications and proactively resolve issues.  Searching for a needle in a haystack?  We can help.

*Issues and detailed performance can be tracked and trended using our Performance and Trending module

CloudScape icon

CloudScape Details

Cloud readiness analytics that put you in control

Successful migrations to cloud require proper planning and analysis to determine the right applications to move, the right cloud provider, the best pricing model and much more.  Whether you're considering public cloud, private or hybrid, CloudScape has you covered.

Optimized Cloud IaaS Price Modeling

On average, companies spend 66% more than necessary on Cloud IaaS.  Our cloud IaaS planning and analysis is built upon patented technology that simplifies cloud cost models for your organization.

  • Illustrates the differences between usage-based and inventory-based pricing
  • Uncover cloud cost savings immediately for a more cost-effective cloud project
IaaS Cloud costing by provider as shown in the RISC Networks ITOA Platform
Costs and instance matching by application

Cloud and Data Center Workload Sizing

Many organizations use spreadsheets and assumptions to size their workloads for cloud.  It is not an apples to apples exercise.

  • Provides more effective IT infrastructure device lifecycle management 
  • Complete picture of assets for cloud IaaS planning

Infrastructure Product Lifecycle Report

Provides a detailed analysis of equipment and software lifecycle as well as security vulnerability details.  Includes virtual and physical server, router, switch and more

  • Properly size your workloads using existing workload usage
  • Eliminates hours of manual modeling and assumptions when building for cloud
Asset software lifecycle through RISC Networks platform

CloudScape Benefits

  • Complete Cloud Lifecycle Visibility: See your entire network infrastructure performance through its cloud lifecycle
  • Lower IaaS Cost: Avoid overspending on mission-critical Cloud IaaS infrastructure
  • Educated Decisions: Make informed decisions around the best cloud provider for your business (we are platform agnostic)
  • IaaS Cost Modeling: Accurately model the cost of many public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, Rackspace and Softlayer.

What You Get

  • Asset & Performance Analysis
  • IT Benchmarking
  • Cloud Solution Cost Modeling
  • Infrastructure Dependency Visualization

Security Details

Identify threats with the context needed to understand them and secure your environment proactively.

There is a big difference between:

“My server is connecting to anonymous proxies.”


“My HR department’s employee database is connecting to anonymous proxies, and Sara owns it.”


Information without context is just data. Many platforms can deliver you data, we place that data in context.

Security Benefits

  • Understand threats in the context of their behaviors
    • E.g. Servers that have existing CVEs with a network attack vector and connect to the internet are of higher priority
  • Map of all incoming and outgoing connections, including connections to high-risk areas and anonymous proxies
  • Software vulnerability reporting
  • Determine threat coverage across your devices

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