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Did you know?  Continuous Collection is recommended for all use cases.


Licensing determines the type of data collection for your environment and controls platform access.  All assessments default to 12 months of platform access (multi-year assessments offer deeper discounts). There are two general licenses, Collection Bursts and Continuous Collection. Devices must be licensed for general collection before they can be licensed for flow collection.

Licensing (collection) vs Platform Access

Collection vs access details through the RISC Networks' ITOA Platform

General Licensing

30 Day Collection (Burst)

Bursts are collection periods that allow you to schedule data collection on licensed devices in your IT estate. As the platform collects data, it will apply advanced analytics and populate the platform with valuable information for you to make critical IT decisions.  (12 Month Platform Access included)

Continuous Collection (CCL)

IT environments undergo enormous amounts of change.  (A recent internal study found that assessments show more than 40% change within 3 months of a Burst.) Can you afford to make important IT decisions based on out of date data? CCLs are recommended for all use cases and will continuously keep your assessment data up to date. (12 Month Platform Access included)

Additional Licensing

Add functionality to your subscription.

Flow Licensing

Detailed flow data can be collected on any licensed device by also applying Flow licensing.

In combination with RN50 Virtual Appliance deployment, Flow licensing collects detailed information about bandwidth and latency of network traffic flows.  Flow data can be captured by an RN50 using Netflow (bandwidth only) or native packet capture (bandwidth + latency).  Captured Flow information is available as additional functionality in the platform when viewing connectivity between hosts, application stacks, and locations.  Flow data is NOT required for dependency mapping, and provides supplemental information.

*Assessments using flow data and engaging our Professional Services team require the Flow Special Services add on.

Flex Deploy Licensing

In IT environments that require extreme security or are in regulated industries, we offer On-Premises deployment of our ITOA Platform.  Collection and Analysis are completed within your network.

Are you a Service Provider?  Learn more about Service Provider Licensing.

License Prices

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Phone Support

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Fine Print

General FAQs

Platform Access

All Platform Access is per 12 months.

Data Archival

Data is available during your subscription.  Upon renewal with >80% of original license count, we will archive your data for use within the platform.  Max archive is 36 months.


Any changes to a subscription will require a new minimum 12 month contract.


To extend your current assessment: purchase at least 80% of the original contract licenses and the same modules.  *Adding new modules requires starting a new assessment.