Platform Enrichment Service

Up-to-date, organized data makes ongoing IT projects faster and easier.

Having an up-to-date picture of your IT infrastructure is crucial to successfully completing projects. 

You can't effectively and efficiently execute change if your environment is chaotic. Additionally, reorganizing your information for each project or initiative means more work, more money and more delays. Get organized now, then keep that information up to date and relevant with scheduled clean-up and maintenance of your IT infrastructure.


Platform Enrichment Service provides scheduled review and rationalization of the ITOA Platform. Let our talented team of IT experts help you use the ITOA Platform to answer questions, plan for change and solve problems.


Platform Enrichment Service can be purchased at regular intervals (quarterly or bi-annually) to keep the ITOA Platform refreshed and ready for each new initiative.

Complete More Projects. Achieve Even Greater IT Transformation.

IT leaders don't have the time it takes to get an outdated IT environment cleaned up every time a new project arises. The RISC Networks ITOA Platform provides detailed discovery and an up to date view of your entire infrastructure. Once you've got it updated, keep the ITOA Platform relevant and ready to use with Platform Enrichment Service. You'll always have up-to-date, accurate information about your IT environment. Now, you can accomplish more solutions than ever before.

Typical timeline for Platform Enrichment Service

Typical Timeline

Why do I need Platform Enrichment Service?

Can I decommission some of my IT environment and save money?

What areas of my IT estate are not properly covered for security?

Can I reduce my licensing costs by consolidating applications or recouping money from unused licenses?

Which applications should I DR first?

How do I compare to other companies of my size? Am I optimized from a technology standpoint?

How It Works

In 6 months, your data will be stale. Starting over takes too long and is too costly. Let us help you update the ITOA Platform regularly. Use Platform Enrichment Service to get up-to-date information for better project planning.

  1. Discuss with our team what your upcoming initiatives are. What IT projects are you trying to accomplish next?

2.   Together, we'll decide a theme for the engagement. Ready to tackle cloud transformation? Need to update your environment's security? As we update the ITOA Platform, we'll focus on the features that best support your theme.

3.   We'll review your specific initiatives and let you know about any potential issues we found that could delay your process. Our expert engineers will guide you through your use case, make suggestions based on best practice and show you how to best utilize the ITOA Platform to be successful.

Did you know?

Platform Enrichment Service lets you put Professional Services and licensing on one PO for the whole year, letting you avoid the need to make separate purchases for upcoming projects.

For Managed Service Providers and Service Integrators

Support your Managed Services teams. Easily prepare for your customer's quarterly business reviews with a clear understanding of their IT environment. Access to our world class engineers and powerful platform keeps you a step ahead of the competition.

Platform Enrichment Service allows you to:

  • Keep your customer's data up to date to ensure rapid project completion
  • Manage customer's IT environment performance over time
  • Manage customer's ongoing IT projects
  • Manage your customer's IT security and keep critical data safe

Keep the ITOA Platform relevant and ready to use for every new initiative. Pair with Burst or CCLs in order to refresh the data.


Monitor performance of your assets over time. Easily track changes in the IT environment over time to understand where to focus your next IT project.

For End Customers

Periodically updated information is imperative for strategic IT planning. Quickly and accurately get ready for transformation. Keeping your IT environment ready for each new project just got easier. Platform Enrichment Service supports:

  • Application Portfolio Management, Application Portfolio Assessment and Application Portfolio Support
  • DR Planning
  • Infrastructure Security Planning

Want to learn more about Platform Enrichment Service?

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