Manage your IT infrastructure with complete understanding of your environment.

Already using ServiceNow for your ITSM needs? Use our integration to get your ServiceNow CMDB populated, automated, and operating faster and easier.

Easier Management with a Fully Populated CMDB

Preparing for any ITSM project requires confidence in the information you're relying on. Get enriched analysis from RISC Networks to know you've got the actionable intelligence needed for successful management of the IT environment.

The RISC Networks ITOA Platform provides complete discovery of your IT environment, both on-prem and in the cloud. Use the initial discovery for understanding high-level connections, then dig deeper to get granular details on the performance and health of applications and devices. Push the discovery data into the CMDB to update your point of reference.

Scheduled Discoveries

Regularly performing discovery on your IT environment captures any changes (like new servers or VMs being stood up or spun down) and allows for better planning. Always know what's going on in your environment with Scheduled Discoveries. 

  • Schedule discoveries when it's most convenient (even after hours!)
  • Proactive planning keeps you ahead of potential issues
  • Consistent discovery offers a constantly up-to-date view of the IT estate
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CMDB Updates

Traditional methods of updating the CMDB can take months or even years. Simplify the process with RISC Networks' detailed analysis. Get your CMDB refreshed in a fraction of the time.

ITSM CMDB through the RISC Networks platform
  • Enrich your CMDB with EoX details to pinpoint issues before they arise
  • Continually push the discovery data into the CMDB to have an up-to-date view of the interdependencies between your devices, applications and application stacks
  • Use our ServiceNow Integration to streamline your process even further

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