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Legacy Product

IT HealthCheck was the initial product offered by RISC Networks.  Over the years our partners have completed thousands of assessments for their customers.  The feedback we've received over time led us to build our ITOA Platform.  Today, all of the features of the legacy IT HealthCheck Subscription are now included in the Foundation module.

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What is IT HealthCheck?

IT HealthCheck is a turn-key software as a service IT Operations Analytics platform for Systems Integrators and Solution Providers that allows you to quickly build a comprehensive, branded assessment practice. Utilizing IT HealthCheck allows you to help your customers improve the reliability, scalability, performance and optimization of their IT environment, while simultaneously aligning the solutions you provide directly to customers.

IT Solution Providers have real challenges – If you are looking to meet the high expectations of your customers, utilize your engineering resources effectively or you need a single activity to help customers and show them how you can help them ongoing, then you are not alone. At RISC Networks, we are confident that you haven’t seen a platform quite like IT HealthCheck.

Areas of Analysis

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Core Network Infrastructure

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VMware Infrastructure Performance

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Data Center & Server Infrastructure

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Unified Communication

How Our Analysis Works

We understand that you have a lot of IT monitoring tools that provide you with a snapshot of specific issues within your network environment. Our analysis is designed to go beyond what you are getting from your IT monitoring tools. We deliver a complete analysis compiled across multiple technologies within your network infrastructure.

  • SaaS Delivered – RISC Networks’ analytics are delivered in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, which results in a faster implementation and no software maintenance. The application is constantly updated and offers easy access.
  • Passive Analysis* – RISC Networks’ methodology is valuable in helping IT organizations troubleshoot problems while reducing the impact on their IT infrastructure.
  • Secure Component-Level Data Collection – All component-level data is encrypted and securely stored for up to 90 days and then automatically deleted as per our data storage policies.
  • Virtual Appliance – The deployment of RISC Networks' virtual appliances takes as little as 15 minutes. Using virtual appliances is a cost effective, simple and secure method of conducting data collection and analysis.
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Install Virtual Appliance

< 1 Hour

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Network Analysis

Avg. 7 Days

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Asset Performance Collection

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Analysis Reports

* Physical Appliance may be used during network traffic analysis, depending on the required infrastructure configuration.

Network Traffic Simulation

Whether you are planning a video conference or voice-over-IP project, preparing for a bandwidth heavy IP video surveillance deployment or implementing a Citrix virtual desktop environment, you will need to consider simulating the network traffic for these applications to ensure that your infrastructure does not fail you when you need it the most.

Click and Drag Simplicity

Deployment of IT HealthCheck’s traffic simulation is easy and quick. The easy-to-use interface allows you to click and drag to setup simulations as well as control simulations from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Vendor Neutral

IT HealthCheck utilizes virtual and physical appliances that can be deployed anywhere you need them, regardless of the network equipment at your site.

Simulation Intelligence

What happens if simulations are causing problems on the network? IT HealthCheck allows you to configure simulations to stop automatically if they are causing problems with the network performance of other traffic.

Test Scheduling

Tests can be scheduled at any time across multiple sites. This ensures that simulations are conducted at optimal times and reduces the risk of impacting the network.

The Tools You Need to be Successful Using IT HealthCheck

Core IT Analysis Report Icon

Core IT Analysis Report

Comprehensive network assessment report that presents the performance of the customers IT environment, presents all the critical problem areas and maps potential solutions to those issues.

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Statement of Work Template

Sample statement of work (SOW) template for the IT HealthCheck engagement.  This template provides details on every aspect of the RISC Networks process.

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IT HealthCheck Feature List

List of all checks included in the core IT analysis. This is included in basic, professional and enterprise subscriptions.

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Pre-Deployment Customer Checklist

This important document is designed to help both your team and your customer's team prepare for the IT HealthCheck engagement.

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Subscription Intelligence Report

Outlines the performance of your IT HealthCheck subscription over the past 60 days. This includes projected revenues based on the information gathered during the assessments. This report is designed to assist partners in understanding the value of their assessments.

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