Our integration partners add functionality to our ITOA Platform.

ServiceNow Integration

You already use ServiceNow for your CMDB and many other IT functions. Now it's time to ensure you have the complete picture of your IT environment by syncing enriched analytics from RISC Networks' ITOA Platform.  

When it comes to IT Service Management, ServiceNow helps keep your business running with the information needed to see the big picture of your IT environment.  The RISC Networks IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) Platform gives you enriched IT analytics to gain even more insight and ensures your ServiceNow instance is always up to date.  Learn more about our integration by watching the Enrich your ServiceNow with RISC Networks webinar.

RISC Networks is Bronze Technology Partner of ServiceNow
RISC Networks asset sidebar view within the ServicNow platform

Velostrata Integration

Completing cloud migrations successfully requires precision on two fronts- Discovery and Migration. Get both with RISC Networks and Velostrata.

Despite the surge in enterprises migrating applications to the public cloud, more than half of all projects are delayed or over budget and an even greater number are more difficult than expected.

Cloud Migrations don’t begin when you start moving applications into the cloud. They begin with your application landscape discovery and assessment. The second phase comprises the actual migration where applications are moved to the public cloud. Working with purpose-built enterprise-grade cloud migration platforms, especially those that partner to integrate both phases, greatly simplifies and accelerates projects.

RISC Networks and Velostrata have teamed up to deliver this integrated solution for a seamless cloud migration from start to completion.

RISC Networks' Discovery and Assessment Process and Velostrata's Accelerated Cloud Migration Process

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