FlexDeploy Service Requirements

General Information

RISC Networks offers an optional deployment architecture that allows all customer specific data to be kept onsite or in a location of the customer’s choosing. For example, all data collected by the RN150 Virtual Appliance, which is detailed in our Data Dictionary, will remain within the FlexDeploy pod at the customer site. The FlexDeploy architecture from RISC Networks consists of a separate Virtual Appliance, deployed as an OVF, that houses the data warehouse, as well as RISC Networks’ analytics engine. All customer data is processed within the pod and can be accessed by browsing to the local FlexDeploy pod versus the standard RISC Networks’ portal.

In situations where customers require both FlexDeploy and RISC Networks’ Professional Services, special considerations must be taken. Primarily, remote access to the FlexDeploy must be provided in order to facilitate the services engagement.


RISC Networks requires the following in order to engage Professional Services where FlexDeploy is used.

  • Remote access to the FlexDeploy and RN150 Virtual Appliances
    • The remote access solution to be used must be pre-approved by RISC Networks’ Professional Services. Main stream remote access solutions including Clientless (SSL) VPNs and VDI solutions are acceptable.
    • The remote access solution must include TCP/443 (HTTPS) access to the FlexDeploy Virtual Appliance.
      • TCP/8000 is required during initial setup but this can be completed with the customer via a Webex session
    • The customer will be responsible for providing all necessary components of the remote access solution (e.g. Soft Token for Two Factor Authentication).
  • The customer agrees to and grants permission for RISC Networks’ support to leverage Advanced Debugging at any time during the services engagement.Refer to the section on “Why does the FlexDeploy pod need Internet Access?” at the following URL for more information: RISC Networks FlexDeploy
  • The remote access solution must be available 24×7 for the duration of the services engagement. Any material project delays, caused by a lack of remote access, may require a change order and incur additional services fees.