Platform Enrichment Service

The RISC Networks ITOA Platform provides customers with the information that is critical to mitigate risk, execute quality planning, and effect knowledgeable decision making for IT Transformation initiatives such as cloud and data center migrations.

When deployed and configured according to best practices, the RISC Networks ITOA Platform provides an application-centric view of the environment that can be leveraged to make data driven decisions for Cloud and Data Center Migration projects, Security Reviews and many other use cases.

Once you have invested in the platform, and ensured a best practice deployment and configuration, it is important to maintain and update the inventory and configuration of the platform over time. This will ensure you can continue to leverage the platform insights for new and ongoing initiatives and maximize the value from your investment.

The RISC Networks Platform Enrichment Service does just that by providing ongoing maintenance of the platform as well as continued access to the expertise of our Professional Services team.

The services outlined in this document will be scheduled and performed on a quarterly basis for the term of the agreement.

Description of Services

Initial Review and Requirements Gathering

RISC Networks will conduct an engagement kickoff meeting to review the current state of RISC Networks ITOA Platform and gather requirements for the Platform Enrichment Service. During each iteration of the Platform Enrichment Service a “theme”, such as Cloud Strategy, Cloud Migration, Disaster Recovery, or Security will be chosen for review within the context of the customers environment. The objectives of the meeting are focused on:

  • Review the current state of RISC Networks ITOA Platform
  • Requirements for the Platform Enrichment Service review
    • Review any current or upcoming IT initiatives
    • Determine the theme for the Platform Enrichment Service review
  • Confirm prerequisites have been met prior to engagement start

Asset Review, Refresh, and Validation

RISC Networks will work with the customer to ensure the asset and inventory information is updated to reflect the current state of the IT estate. This includes the following tasks:

  • Review, update, and validate the bootstrap configuration on the RN150 appliance
    • Subnet listing (scope)
    • In-scope credentials (SNMP, Windows, SSH, VMware)
  • Request a rescan of the environment using the View Inventory Changes option
  • Review the updated Asset Report with customer to validate all expected assets are discovered and accessible
  • If there are inaccessible devices that are in-scope for the discovery, then assist the customer to take the following actions:
    • Determine cause (incorrect credentials, connectivity etc.)
    • Take corrective action (remediate)
    • Initiate a rescan
    • RISC Networks will assist customer with up to two (2) rescans
  • Asset Discovery and Validation efforts will be limited to two (2) weeks
  • Obtain signoff of discovery results (Asset Report)

Application Stack Review and Validation

RISC Networks will work with the customer to ensure that the application stacks are updated as needed to incorporate inventory changes.

  • License all in-scope workloads
  • Licensed data collection must run for a minimum of seven (7) days prior to analysis
  • Review customer completed application questionnaire information and prepare for analysis
  • Review discovery data to ensure visibility into all critical system dependencies and associated network and performance metrics
    • Review Summary of Collection dashboard
    • Review Out of Scope Services
    • Note an discrepancies and assist customer to remediate as needed or determine as out of scope
  • Define, review, and refine application stack membership for any newly discovered devices
    • Review and refine the newly generated application stacks (i.e. AutoApp-XX), taking system dependencies, customer input, best practices, and other factors into account
    • Any newly discovered devices will be placed into one (1) new or existing application stack during this process
  • Review and disposition of any devices flagged as "RISCdecom" (i.e. devices that have been decommissioned and should be removed from existing application stacks)
  • RISC Networks will review and verify up to five (5) modified application stacks with customer stakeholders (application owners) in working sessions conducted remotely via WebEx

Hosted Review

RISC Networks will conduct working sessions with the customer to review the RISC Networks ITOA Platform and updated assessment data. The review(s) will be focused on using the RISC Networks ITOA Platform in support of any identified initiatives and the chosen theme.

  • Conduct working sessions, using the RISC Networks ITOA Platform, in support of Discovery and IT planning initiatives and the chosen theme
  • Review available online resources
  • Includes up to two (2) working sessions of up to two (2) hours each (conducted via WebEx)
  • Obtain signoff for Platform Enrichment Service review


  • Updated RISC Networks ITOA Platform
    • Updated asset and inventory information
    • Updated application stack configuration
  • Hosted Review(s)

Out of Scope Services

Tasks not specifically stated as being performed by RISC Networks in this document are outside of the scope of this project and are not covered under the fees of this services engagement.  Specifically excluded, unless expressly stated in a section of this document, are:

  • Remediation of access issues (e.g. WMI, SNMP, SSH)
  • Application review and refinement efforts outside of the disposition of new or decommissioned assets

RISC Responsibilities

This section describes the responsibilities associated with the services RISC Networks will provide to Customer.

  • Coordinate activities of all RISC Networks’ resources
  • Provide Customer with RISC Networks’ resources that have the skills and expertise necessary to properly execute the requirements and services set forth in this document
  • Provide any requests for information or scheduling in advance
  • Respond to Customer inquiries and / or requests within 24 hours (excluding Federal Holidays)

Assumptions and Customer Responsibilities

This section describes the responsibilities of the Customer to RISC Networks with regard to this project:

  • The RISC Networks ITOA Platform has been previously deployed and application stacks defined.
  • All work will be done remotely.
  • All work will be performed according to a schedule agreed upon by both parties.
  • All work is performed during normal business hours (US Eastern Time Zone) and workdays (weekdays and non-holidays).
  • Customer will provide access to computer systems as required for RISC Networks team to perform tasks as outlined in this document. This will consist of the following:
    • Customer will participate in joint WebEx sessions to facilitate remote deployment of Virtual Appliance.
    • Customer will provide all input needed to bootstrap the Virtual Appliance (subnets, SNMP strings, credentials, etc.).
  • Customer is responsible for ensuring all items in the Pre-Deployment Checklist are accounted for and implemented to support continued discovery and performance collection activities.
  • Customer will provide information requested in the Application Questionnaire.
  • The Customer shall provide access to personnel knowledgeable with the infrastructure and applications as needed to perform tasks as outlined in this document. This includes, but is not limited to, active participation in application stack review sessions and validating the resulting applications stacks.
  • Customer will provide a single point of contact through which all activities will be coordinated and scheduled. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Identification of application owners who can review and approve application stacks
    • Coordination and scheduling application review sessions with application owners
    • Facilitation of a timely application review and approval process
  • Customer will respond to RISC Networks’ meeting requests, or requests for information, within 24 hours (excluding Federal Holidays).
  • Customer must accept the RISC Networks’ EULA and Professional Services EULA addendum.