Eastman Chemical Company Builds Path to Cloud

Eastman Chemical Company Builds Path to Cloud

RISC Networks’ Discovery and Analysis Provides Actionable Data to Assist in Successful Cloud Migration Planning


Eastman Chemical Company needed a revitalized application delivery process to support its growing business efforts. To accomplish this, top-level management wanted IT team members to begin the process of cloud migration. However, there was little understanding of what applications existed in Eastman’s IT environment. They needed a detailed inventory of their entire environment in order to better prepare for cloud. The RISC Networks ITOA Platform helped Eastman discover thousands of servers and prioritize hundreds of applications, accelerating their cloud journey with more accurate data.

Solutions and Analytics:

  • Automated automatic dependency mapping
  • Asset discovery

Key Benefits:

  • Discovered 1,500 servers and constructed dependency groups to assist in migration wave planning
  • Mapped dependencies on 30+ shared databases to schema level to assist in PaaS analysis

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Eastman Challenge

Looking to revitalize and revamp its application delivery process, top-level management at Eastman was ready to begin migrating to cloud. There was little understanding of what applications existed in its IT environment. The challenge was to shed technical debt and realize the value of the cloud. Its IT team knew from experience that the traditional way of gathering this information took thousands of hours from IT with lots of back and forth and massive spreadsheets.

This time around, they employed RISC Networks to save time and money by spearheading the process. Eastman formed a cloud team in April 2017 to help skyrocket the effort.

“You could say that RISC turns opinions into either fact or fiction. Realistically, it makes it data-driven.” – Matthew Campbell, Corporate IT Architect, Eastman Chemical Company


Eastman was excited to begin its migration as part of the AWS Migration Readiness Planning program. IT team members quickly realized that with over 300 applications and thousands of servers, figuring out where to start would be a challenge. They developed criteria for their applications to determine what to move and when to move it, but needed concrete data to back up their decisions and a model that would be flexible to changing priorities. To do this, they partnered with RISC Networks to transform their discovered environment into a custom application scoring algorithm that prioritized 300+ applications for migration.

Additionally, they started to move four of their biggest applications to AWS architecture, but verified with RISC that they had high risk dependencies and needed to stay on-prem. Utilizing the RISC platform, the team was able to quickly identify any applications with manufacturing dependencies, like the “Big Four” it had initially tried to move, and de-prioritize them.

RISC Networks was able to bring clarity to complex issues and help Eastman prioritize. There was no more “he said, she said,” only verifiable data that Eastman could depend on. Eastman is continuing its journey to the cloud and has shared the scoring algorithm to make available for all RISC Networks customers and partners.

Going Forward

Eastman has implemented 30/60/90 goals for migrating its business applications to cloud architecture. It intends to migrate 30% of its applications in 2018, 60% in 2019, and the remaining percentage in 2020. It wants to leverage multi-region capabilities from a cloud standpoint. The team at Eastman plans to keep utilizing RISC Networks as the company continues to acquire and grow.

“Now we’ve got a view of what is actually talking from an application standpoint. This is going to make a lot of difference in the long term.” – Mickey Hunsinger, Corporate IT Architect, Eastman

About Eastman

Eastman is a global advanced materials and specialty additives company that produces a broad range of products found in items people use every day. With a portfolio of specialty businesses, Eastman works with customers to deliver innovative products and solutions while maintaining a commitment to safety and sustainability. A globally diverse company, Eastman manufactures chemicals, fibers, and plastics found in a variety of products like tire coatings, water bottles, and even yarns. Its cross-industry market allows them to find success across mutiple channels.

About RISC Networks

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