Aspen Feature Highlight: On-Premise TCO

Over the last 4 years, our customers have told us that they wanted a way to calculate their current total cost of ownership from within our platform. This is an important cloud migration factor, but our focus remained on helping users determine the cost of feasibility of moving to cloud. With our Aspen release, we broadened our scope to add On-Premise Total Cost of Ownership to the RISC Networks Platform.

While we’ve always valued customer feedback, we’ve recently decided to make customer feedback a higher priority in our roadmap process. What does that mean? We will add new functionality to our roadmap if that functionality meets the following criteria:

  • We hear from our users that the feature is important
  • The functionality provided by the feature aligns with our mission of providing meaningful data analysis that enables actionable decisions
  • We are confident that we have the expertise to deliver value with the requested functionality

In 2018, we determined that On-Premise Total Cost of Ownership met the above criteria. We knew we could deliver a report that not only answered our customer’s current questions but prompted them to ask additional questions. We decided to deliver a report that takes your input, aggregates that data with our automated intelligence, and gives an application-centric breakdown of current total cost of ownership. With this report in hand, our customers can determine whether or not cloud is the most affordable option. Additionally, this report may prompt other questions like:

  • Should I go all in or take a hybrid approach?
  • Should I consider SaaS options for some of my current applications?
  • Can I bring my own licenses to the cloud provider of my choice?

Our On-Premise TCO report provides an application-centric breakdown of the environment along with a high-level breakdown of cost. Some of the metrics given are total cost per year, total server cost per year, total facility cost per year, rack cost per year, software cost per year, and storage cost per year.

We deliver this report based on industry-standard assumptions related to infrastructure, facility options, software options, server hardware, and storage options. We hope that this report empowers our users to make intelligent decisions around cloud and data center transformation. We invite you to test this feature out and give us feedback on how we can improve it. For more information on this and other features in our Aspen release, please go to