Aspen Feature Highlight: Copy Server Support

From the Desk of a Solutions Architect

From Disaster Recovery Planning, to a Network Segmentation practice, to Datacenter Transformation initiatives, one thing holds true; identifying shared service interdependencies are paramount to a successful engagement. Understanding the blueprint of the current IT estate with up-to-date dependency information can be the difference between success and failure. The RISC Networks ITOA Platform goes beyond just drawing interdependencies between servers and services and now enables users sort through layers of traffic patterns with a few clicks of their mouse.

With Copy Server Support, users of the Platform are now able to copy servers from any source application stack to any other stack, whether new or pre-existing. This update was prompted by the increasing number of shared databases. Historically, shared databases were the cause of larger application stack interdependencies, where sorting out duplicate traffic was a meticulous and lengthy process. Now, a shared database, or any other server for that matter, can be copied to another stack without the duplication of traffic.

It’s not uncommon for a single SQL server to share services with a dozen or more other servers. With the ability to take back control of a server’s connectivity, shared services just got easier. With the Aspen release, users are able to ensure the success of their engagements with a few simple clicks.

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