Aspen Feature Highlight: Application Matching

From the Desk of a Solutions Architect

Since the launch of CloudScape in 2014, RISC Networks has been a leader in Application Dependency Mapping. Since then, there have been a number of advancements to the feature. First, there was the application grouping algorithm which identifies Critical vs Non-Critical connections automatically. The feature was further improved by the inclusion of RISC Service Groups (RSG) and now, with the release of Aspen, application collection is enhanced.

Using the auto-grouping algorithm, users are now able to identify application data, which in turn enriches their understanding of the names, instances, and versions running in their environment. This data has historically come from the formatting of a process’s run path. By expanding collection to include additional data sources within the server’s OS, RISC Networks has been able to increase the accuracy and volume of collection by 25%. This minimum 25% increase of application name, instance, and version identification will allow an unparalleled view into applications, application stack compliance, and security.

Users can begin matching their applications back to the infrastructure immediately. The most challenging part of migration, application rationalization, just got easier. See the full list of Aspen features here.