Arizona’s Largest Personal Injury Law Firm Uses RISC Networks to Ensure Client Trust

Arizona's Largest Personal Injury Law Firm Uses RISC Networks to Ensure Client Trust

RISC Networks Provides IT Infrastructure Assessment to Improve IT Performance


Goldberg & Osborne, personal injury law firm, needed to assess their IT infrastructure in order to ensure their VoIP, unified communications and network performance were all working to the best of their ability.  RISC Networks helped them assess the performance of their IT estate without interrupting the daily work flow of the company.

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Solutions & Analytics

  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Asset Discovery & Report
  • Unified Communication

Key Benefits

  • Identified network performance issues
  • Improved user experience
  • Improved the quality of VOIP communications

The Challenge

With 21 offices and two call centers, the staff of Goldberg & Osborne depends on all aspects of their IT infrastructure such as VoIP, unified communications, and network performance in order to ensure that clients trust the privacy and capability of their communication. As part of their ongoing efforts to improve and optimize their network, Goldberg and Osborne engaged with RISC Networks to analyze the infrastructure and provide in-depth data in order to understand the overall state of the network and to plan for any necessary changes.

RISC Networks’ Solution

The analytics engagement with RISC Networks was designed to run quickly and without impacting the employees’ abilities to performer their daily responsibilities. RISC Networks and Goldberg & Osborne quickly identified opportunities to improve their users’ experience in areas such as VOIP, UC, network performance and equipment lifecycle. Thanks to the timely, proactive decisions of their IT team, Goldberg & Osborne was able to ensure their network could function at optimum levels and that they could rely on the quality of their VOIP to communicate with clients.

About Goldberg & Osborne

Goldberg & Osborne is the largest law firm in Arizona devoted exclusively to the practice of Plaintiffs Personal Injury Law. Mark Goldberg and John Osborne established the Goldberg & Osborne law offices in 1989 with the guiding mission to treat every client with care and respect, protect their rights, and guide them in their pursuit of justice, and chose the eagle as their symbol for what it represents to America– strength.

The 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees us, among other things, the right to “petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Goldberg & Osborne takes their duty to protect their client’s rights seriously. If you are injured due to no fault of your own, you have the right to seek relief in the form of compensation for your injuries and damages.

Goldberg has recovered over $2 billion in settlements and verdicts for injured plaintiffs. They have more attorneys who are board certified in Injury & Wrongful Death than any other law firm in Arizona, and there is never a charge for your initial consultation. For over 23 years, their lawyers have been representing people and helping them obtain the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

About RISC Networks

RISC Networks was established in 2007 with the singular goal of providing the best IT intelligence so that our partners and customers can make the right decisions about their IT environments. In the ensuing years, we have completed thousands of assessments and worked with hundreds of partners including hosting providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Google, Rackspace and global SIs, MSPs and VARs.

With our IT Operations Analytics Platform, we bring you advanced intelligence about IT environments allowing you to plan cloud and data center migrations, disaster recovery, security, monitor performance and trending, ITSM/CMDB updates, LAN/WAN segmentation and asset software and lifecycle management.