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Helping IT Professionals Survive the Pressure of Today's Business Demands

IT Professionals face extreme pressure to deliver robust business applications that always work.  Add to this tight deadlines and the need for saving money and you often have a no-win situation.

In many organizations, this 'IT pressure cooker' leads to shortcuts which in turn lead to security gaps, downtime and over-provisioned resources wasting company money and creating serious business issues.  IT needs a helping hand.

The ITOA Platform from RISC Networks shortens the time to value of IT transformation by up to 80%.  Discover everything, plan for change and solve complex problems.

Learn how Eastman Chemical was able to quickly discover over 1,500 servers and prioritize 300 applications in their path to cloud.  Read the Case Study

Eastman Chemical

"You could say that RISC Networks turns opinions into either fact or fiction.  Realistically, it makes it data-driven."

- Matthew Campbell, Corporate IT Architect, Eastman

IT Operations Analytics Platform and IT Answer Engine

Complete discovery of your IT environment coupled with advanced analytics make your IT transformation projects quicker and more accurate.


Why do I need RISC Networks?

Proven platform that over 12,000 enterprise organizations have relied on to solve complex problems and plan strategic business projects.

I am interested in cloud but not sure how to execute

I need to understand what I have in my environment

I need to organize all of this information by application

I want to migrate my application to the cloud provider of my choice

I need to track performance and trends over time 

I want to plan for security or DR 

Trusted by thousands of global enterprise companies for over 11 years.  Recommended by our strategic partners.

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Use Cases

Cloud and Data Center Migration Planning

Disaster Recovery


Performance Monitoring and Trending

ITSM / CMDB Updates

LAN Segmentation

Asset and Software Lifecycle Analysis

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Learn how Turner found 14% of their IT environment wasn't being used and shut down 1,500 zombie servers!

"This is real, actionable data that I can make decisions from."

Beth Ann-Bergsmark

Interim Deputy CIO and AVP Chief Enterprise Architect

Georgetown University

"Cisco has an excellent working relationship with RISC Networks, and our partners have a very high regard for the results."

Dave Gronner

Channels Business Development, Network &

Cyber Security Technologies

"I would wholeheartedly recommend RISC Networks to my peers."

Matt Schlabig

Director of IT Corporate Services

"In 30 days, CloudScape gave us full insight and transparency into a complex environment enabling us to generate a data-backed DR strategy."

Keith O'Leary

Principal Consultant

Data Centre Transformation

"I was excited to see the CloudScape platform and what's in there about our environment. This is a pretty powerful capability that makes the job ahead seem possible."

Steve Cretney


Colony Brands

"Using RISC Networks helped our team confirm our readiness for VOIP and detect bottlenecks that were easily corrected and helped us to get the most out of our entire IT infrastructure."

Olub Adewalure

Senior IT Associate

Queensborough Community College

"The RISC Networks team was extremely helpful and able to quickly identify all the changes we needed to make to reach our solution. We appreciated that we were able to work with expert individuals and not an automated service."

Conrad Dela Cruz

Network Manager

Goldberg & Osborne

"Leveraging the automation of RISC Networks’ CloudScape module we were able to collect insightful data we could trust and perform costing scenarios for Black & Veatch’s cloud-forward strategy. The tool also accelerated our understanding of the intricacies of the Black & Veatch Environment and helped define the future state.”

Jennifer Jones

Program Manager, Cloud Initiative


”You could say that RISC turns opinions into either fact or fiction. Realistically, it makes it data-driven.”

Matthew Campbell

Corporate IT Architect