Release Notes March 2017

SSH for Linux and AIX, Cloud Pricing, Proxy and Security

SSH Collection Module

CloudScape now includes the option to collect data about a device using the Secure Shell protocol. The module supports collection for Linux, AIX, and UNIX-class systems. This collection option adds additional information about the collected devices, including: OS, OS Version, Architecture and Distribution.

For more details please refer to our online documentation:

SSH Collection Module documentation
SSH Data Dictionary

Cloud Pricing Updates

Pricing for all providers and regions have been updated to reflect changes to published prices. Additional provider regions — AWS US Ohio, Azure West Central US and Azure West US2 – are now included in IaaS Cloud Pricing.

Enhanced Instance Matching

The IaaS Cloud Pricing feature has been further enhanced to include more accurate instance matching using updated CPU clock speeds recently published by some cloud providers. RISC Networks will continue to enhance this feature as additional information is made available. For more details about cloud pricing, please refer to our online documentation: About Cloud Pricing

Proxy Module

CloudScape now supports outbound API communication via a proxy server. The feature supports non-authenticating and basic configurations.     For configuration details, please refer to our online documentation:   Proxy documentation

Platform Security

SSL Ciphers have been updated to use only high-strength SSL ciphers.