Customer Success: Queensborough Community College

As the IT team had plans to implement Voice-over-IP (VOIP), they wanted to ensure that their network had the capacity and responsiveness to deliver the highest quality of phone and video services to their customers. It was their goal make sure they were getting the most out of their existing IT infrastructure, and confirm that all of their switches were up to date.

How RISC Networks Helped

RISC Networks delivered a detailed IT infrastructure analysis that produced an in-depth, easy to understand report that provided performance and status information on the complete network infrastructure, not just a single technology. The RISC Networks tool provided clear, prioritized actions. The action report that RISC Networks generates, clearly identified and prioritized gaps, problems, and opportunities for performance improvements for the Queensborough IT team. Today, Queensborough is well on its way to advancing its business technology environment to VOIP. In the short-term, the team focused on implementing the most actionable items identified by the RISC Networks reports, which helped improve the overall reliability and performance of the IT environment.

Using RISC Networks helped our team confirm our readiness for VOIP and detect bottlenecks that were easily corrected and helped us to get the most out of our entire IT infrastructure.

Olub Adewalure, Senior IT Associate, Queensborough Community College