Dawn Food Products

Customer Success: Dawn Food Products

Dawn Food Products, Inc. began more than eight decades ago as a small, but thriving, bakery in Jackson, Michigan. As a family-owned and operated company, they have grown into an international supplier of high-quality bakery products. Art Hill, Network Manager of Dawn Foods, saw the need to evaluate IT infrastructure and find the small problems before they became bigger problems.

The analytics engagement not only showed issues within the infrastructure, but presented their team with how well the infrastructure performed. Dawn Food Products actually ranked in the top five of all analytics engagements done in July 2012 by RISC Networks. Although skeptical at first, Ar Hill, Network Manager stated:

The engagement of RISC Networks was a valuable tool for helping find the “ghosts in our machine” so to speak. It was a fresh set of eyes looking at our environment and seeing some details we had simply overlooked. The ability to solve problems when they are small and keep them from becoming large, impactful issues.

Art Hill, Network Manager