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RISC Networks CloudScape offers cloud IaaS and data center workload intelligence reporting, migration planning and analytics for medium to large enterprises looking for actionable data for more successful workload migrations.

CloudScape is built on the same proven technology that our IT HealthCheck platform is built from and our like Cisco Systems, IBM, Centurylink, and many others have used at over 6,000 businesses worldwide. Whether you have an existing cloud readiness assessment practice, use other tools, using CloudScape will give your organization a truly unique, beneficial assessment and analytics platform to use for more use cases than we can list.

Three Reasons Why You Should Use CloudScape

Unique Offering

No other tool on the market offers the level of data collection and analysis for data center and cloud IaaS workload migrations.

Leading Assessment Platform

Most “cloud assessments” done today are manual, assumption based processes with little actual data collected. RISC Networks CloudScape delivers actionable results for your customers, information that can help them solve problems, save money and migrate applications with a higher degree of success.

Your Clients Will See the Value

Your clients have cloud and data center projects they need help with, the information and results that you will give your clients with CloudScape, will be seen as a tremendous value in their planning process and that would normally take months to gather manually or to use other tools.

Program Description

CloudScape requires a low cost platform access subscription (12/Mo), and then a node scaling parameter. Many of our clients have chosen to analyze every single node within their IT infrastructure first with the regular node, which gives them a visual picture of their environment. Then once they have identified potential migration candidates, we recommend them to add the flow capture add-on for the devices or group of devices they want to get a bigger picture view of.

As you sell more nodes, you benefit by getting higher discounts, rewards such as discounts against your annual platform access subscription and much more. We also offer complete portal branding with your logo and color scheme, this helps with integrating the platform into your cloud readiness services practice. We are constantly looking for opportunities to add more value to the program, and encourage feedback from our partners to make it better.

Program Benefits

Benefits of Using RISC Networks CloudScape (Does not apply to IT HealthCheck)
Unlimited Portal Access (unlimited users, unlimited discovery & inventory)
No Project Concurrencies (Ability to run unlimited projects concurrently)
Full Portal Branding (Company Logo & Color Schemes Included)
Marketing Co-Branding Opportunities
RISC Networks CloudScape Partner Badge
CloudScape Resource Guide and Web Sources
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Node Volume Discounts
CloudScape Acceleration Awards Program (Coming Soon)
TopIT Partner Spotlight Awards
RISC Networks Email Support 4 Business Hr. Response, Email Only

8am-5pm ET response window.
(support packages available)
RISC Networks Phone Support 4 Business Hr. Response, Limited to 4 Tickets Per Mo/

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Consultative Services Available (Additional Cost)

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