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Helping IT achieve more successful cloud and data center migrations

RISC Networks CloudScape is an Enterprise-caliber Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) analytics platform that delivers accurate, actionable information to help IT organizations achieve their cloud or data center project goals faster. It allows IT leaders to traverse the full cloud IaaS and data center workload migration lifecycle with more relevant information, making migrations easier and more successful.

Three Reasons Why Cloud and Data Center Migrations Fail

Provider Capabilities

Provider Capabilities

Failure to understand service providers capabilities and best cost models

Network Capabilities

Network Capabilities

Improper network capacity planning for application migrations and ongoing use

No Migration Plan

No Migration Plan

No migration plans for cloud or data center workloads

Successful migrations require actionable analysis.

You will need effective analysis and planning before you move those critical business applications. RISC Networks offers a proven analytics platform that over 5,000 medium to large enterprise organizations have relied on to solve complex problems and plan strategic business projects.

At What Stage is your Application Migration Project?


If you’re unsure about where to even begin with Cloud IaaS or Data Center workload migration planning? Not sure what workloads to move to cloud? No problem, we can help with that! The fastest way to get started is to start with CloudScape Discover.

You can get started today with a fast discovery and inventory:

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Are you worried that your existing infrastructure won’t support a move to cloud? Need to match your actual workloads to cloud provider pricing models? Want to save money on IaaS? We can uncover ways to save thousands on your IaaS project.

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Migrate – Cloud IaaS

You’ve chosen a cloud provider, but have the complex work of moving workloads! Unsure if you move a server if it will break something else? What dependent servers need to go? Not sure how much network capacity you need? CloudScape will help you solve those issues and plenty more.

Download our free e-book on top cloud IaaS topics:

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Migrate – Data Center

Have physical and virtual servers that you need to migrate, but are unsure of what needs to move with them? Consolidating data centers or building new facilities. The Biggest names in the business rely on our platform to help them with data center projects.

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Three Simple Steps to Success

No matter where your IT business is in the cloud computing or data center migration process, CloudScape has you covered. We help you discover the right path, analyze the best cost models across dozens of cloud providers using your REAL data and construct the necessary components needed for a successful migration.



Organizations of all sizes need a place to start when planning to move to the cloud or migrating workloads from one data center to another.

Benefits of CloudScape – Discover:

  • Quick IT infrastructure asset discovery (Router, Switch, Physical and Virtual Server)
  • Complete IT Infrastructure asset inventory
  • Creates a picture of potential workloads you can move to cloud
  • Great starting point for developing a cloud IaaS or data center project strategy

Learn more about CloudScape – Discover

Download the CloudScape – Discover Datasheet here:




Successful migrations to cloud requires proper planning and analysis to determine the right applications to move, the right cloud provider, the best pricing model and much more.

Benefits of Cloudscape’s Cloud IaaS Planning and Analysis:

  • Complete discovery and inventory of your infrastructure assets
  • Product lifecycle status of infrastructure products, including physical servers
  • Performance analysis of physical and virtual servers, and network components
  • Compare the cost of cloud IaaS across dozens of cloud providers
  • Save thousands on monthly cloud IaaS pricing using optimized pricing models
  • See the financial impact of shadow IT on your business

Learn more about CloudScape – Analyze

Download the CloudScape – Analyze Datasheet here:




You can’t begin to move workloads or buy network connectivity for a cloud or data center move without having a true picture of what you want to move.

Cloud IaaS and Data Center Workload Migration Analysis:

  • Stack physical and virtual server performance data for improved workload modeling
  • Complete picture of dependencies with full performance profile of each workload
  • Understand the potential impact on the network if you move a workload
  • Easier construction of workload move groups for data center or IaaS migrations
  • Simple move plan exportation for faster workload migrations
  • Light integration with RiverMeadow’s workload migration platform

Learn more about CloudScape – Migrate

Download the CloudScape – Migrate Datasheet here:


CloudScape helps successfully traverse across the lifecycle

RISC Networks CloudScape is the industry’s first cloud IaaS and data center analytics platform designed to maximize the organizations investment into cloud and improve workload migration efficiency. It provides IT organizations with the most relevant infrastructure performance analysis needed to traverse through the cloud computing lifecycle.

10 Critical elements of cloud and datacenter migrations

The Positive Cloud Migration Experience

For IT leaders, a positive cloud migration experience is about much more than about what cloud provider you have chosen. Your cloud strategy and planning plays a key role in supporting the overall migration experience for your business.

With our powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) analytics platform as foundation, you can enhance the cloud and data center planning process by giving your team members more relevant workload information to ensure you are moving the right things – without impacting your network performance or user productivity.

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