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Cloud and Data Center Transformation

While cloud experiments and greenfield projects may be easy, moving business critical applications and entire data centers can put a strain on resources. Cloud can have an undesired result if not properly evaluated and planned.

RISC Networks helps system integrators, consultants and IT teams properly prepare for these complex projects faster and more efficiently. RISC Networks CloudScape helps organizations transition to cloud and move data centers with a more clear picture than ever before.

Three Reasons Why Cloud and Data Center Migrations Fail

Provider Capabilities

Provider Capabilities

Failure to understand service providers capabilities and best cost models

Network Capabilities

Network Capabilities

Improper network capacity planning for application migrations and ongoing use

No Migration Plan

No Migration Plan

No migration plans for cloud or data center workloads

Successful migrations require actionable analysis.

You will need effective analysis and planning before you move those critical business applications. RISC Networks offers a proven platform that over 6,500 medium to large enterprise organizations have relied on to solve complex problems and plan strategic business projects.

Regain Control of Cloud and Data Center Projects

Lower Cloud IaaS Cost

Need to match your actual application and workloads to cloud provider pricing models? Want to compare dozens of cloud providers pricing side-by-side using your real infrastructure usage data? Want to save thousands on IaaS? We can uncover ways to save thousands on your IaaS project.

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Simplify Cloud Readiness

Cloud Architects have said that constructing application move groups with associated network profiles for the entire move group is key to successful application migrations into cloud and data center projects. Build move groups, export security groups and more. Simplify cloud readiness planning.

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Get The Entire Picture

There are plenty of application dependency mapping platforms on the market, yet cloud experts from Amazon, IBM, Cisco and many other major organizations have said our dependency mapping tools out performs the other tools on the market. See the difference for yourself!

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Not Just for Cloud

Moving Data Centers? Doing a WAN performance study? Unsure of network requirements for SaaS application? Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) project? CloudScape has been used for these types of projects and many more. If you have an IT project, call us, we can help.

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Build a Better Cloud Readiness Practice

No matter where your business or clients are in adopting cloud computing, RISC Networks can help. RISC Networks CloudScape delivers the data needed to help medium to large organization discover the best opportunities for cloud, visualize the entire IT infrastructure and save thousands before they move to cloud.

Cloud Providers

For Cloud Providers

Your goal is to get businesses to adopt your technology while ensuring that the process of moving to cloud is efficient and smooth. RISC Networks CloudScape has helped Amazon, IBM and other cloud providers help their clients get to cloud faster and more efficiently using a date centered approach.

Big Picture Perspective

  • Help clients identify cloud and data center migration drivers for cloud moves.
  • Solve client’s infrastructure and connectivity problems before moving to cloud.
  • Improve the process of identifying ideal workloads and infrastructure performance risks.
  • Enable partners and clients to build move groups and build cost models quickly.
  • Assist with scoping and building network capacity for cloud migrations.

Systems Integrators

For Systems Integrators

A systems integrator in the realm of cloud computing helps clients negotiate the complexities of cloud migrations. You are faced with many challenges before, during and after the migration. RISC Networks CloudScape was designed with a Systems Integrator focus, we want to help you in achieving a successful cloud practice.

Supporting You at Every Step

  • Help your clients uncover and identify ideal migration projects.
  • Save your clients thousands on cloud IaaS.
  • Reduce resource cost of managing cloud assessment project.
  • Offer an unmatched cloud readiness analytics platform to clients.
  • Add a value added component of the cloud planning process.

IT Teams

For IT Teams

Successful cloud and data center projects require a data centered method of planning, a process to establish a business case to sell across the businesses stakeholders.

Visualize your Entire IT Infrastructure

  • Automatically identify and build application centric visualizations.
  • Identify network connectivity across dependent workloads.
  • Build network capacity for data center and cloud moves.
  • Prevent costly mistakes by knowing exactly what is running in the infrastructure.
  • Lower your upfront cost of moving to cloud by an average of 66%.

CloudScape Will Help You Successfully Make it to Cloud

RISC Networks CloudScape provides IT professionals with the most relevant infrastructure performance analysis needed to properly prepare for cloud, data center and infrastructure projects.

10 Critical Steps of Cloud Readiness

The Positive Cloud Migration Experience

For IT leaders, a positive cloud migration experience is about much more than about what cloud provider you have chosen. Your cloud strategy and planning plays a key role in supporting the overall migration experience for your business.

With our powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) analytics platform as foundation, you can enhance the cloud and data center planning process by giving your team members more relevant workload information to ensure you are moving the right things – without impacting your network performance or user productivity.

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