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Infrastructure Baseline, Be Prepared for the Cloud

Establishing a baseline is not just a single performance metric, it should be a complete picture of your network infrastructure to help you plan for cloud. CloudScape helps your IT organization analyze your existing infrastructure prior to a move to Cloud. Uncover issues, solve problems before your move.

See how you can use CloudScape to investigate cloud usage.

One-Size-Fits-All-Cloud, Not Really

One-Size-Fits-All-Cloud, Not Really!

Before selecting a Cloud IaaS provider, it’s important to identify your workloads/profiles and understand how the move will impact your business. CloudScape will identify your workloads, server and application dependencies and understand your performance profile before you select a Cloud IaaS provider.

Understand how to use CloudScape to compare stack workloads of physical and virtual servers.

Our Secret Sauce: Cloud Cost Calculated Based on Usage

Our Secret Sauce: Cloud Cost Calculated Based on Usage

Why spend more than you have to? On average, companies spend 66% more than necessary on Cloud IaaS. CloudScape’s patent pending technology simplifies cloud cost models for your organization by illustrating the differences between usage based cost models and inventory based cost models across a variety of cloud providers. Let Cloudscape uncover cost savings for your Cloud IaaS migration.

See how you can compare a variety of Cloud IaaS providers side-by-side.

Cloud Providers

Performance Problems Are Common...Test First

Performance Problems Are Common…Test First!

The only way to pinpoint potential problems when moving to the cloud is by simulating the proposed solution from end-to-end, including your selected Cloud provider. CloudScape will identify configuration issues, interconnectivity and performance problems, insufficient resources and many other problems during a cloud infrastructure simulation.

Download a sample cloud traffic simulation report.

Infrastructure Simulation Screenshot 1

Infrastructure Simulation Screenshot 2

Infrastructure Simulation Screenshot 3

Infrastructure Simulation Screenshot 4

Doing network testing alone is not enough. Being able to compare your simulation test results with your baseline is key to being able to see what your cloud performance will look like against your current infrastructure performance. The CloudScape analysis process is quite easy, actually, it’s really easy!

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