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Rackware and Disaster Recovery

New RackWare partnership focuses on cloud-based DR

Disaster recovery remains a hot topic, as businesses unprepared for disruptions risk experiencing prolonged periods of downtime.

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More companies looking at disaster recovery vendors for support

Organizations are vulnerable to all types of disruptions that can take their IT environments offline for extended periods of time.

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Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Make the business case for cloud-based disaster recovery

As 2014 quickly comes to a close, businesses should be thinking about ways to protect their data and IT systems anyway possible in 2015 and beyond.

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Perfect Match

Cloud computing and disaster recovery are the perfect match

Consider this scenario: Your company experiences a natural disaster that damages IT equipment and destroys on-site data backups. What do you do next? Unless this content is stored on external hard drives, disks and tapes at a secondary location, your business may have just lost its most valuable resource. Cloud computing can be your organization’s way of […]

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Cloud computing services for both disaster recovery, business continuity

Cloud computing offers functionality in many respects. Disaster recovery and business continuity are two uses gaining traction throughout the corporate space. Companies are not only implementing cloud environments to safeguard mission-critical data and applications from disruptions – they are also relying on the technology to quickly respond following such events. TechPageOne’s Howard Cohen recently indicated companies […]

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