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Rackware and Disaster Recovery

New RackWare partnership focuses on cloud-based DR

Disaster recovery remains a hot topic, as businesses unprepared for disruptions risk experiencing prolonged periods of downtime.

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AWS VIDEO: Application Portfolio Migration

This is a very interesting video from Miha Kralj, Principal Consultant, AWS Professional Services that was presented at AWS re:Invent 2014, this past November. What is most interesting is Miha’s take on CMDB applications. Miha stated “CMDB’s lie, if you think you have anything good or meaningful information in your CMBD, good luck. We didn’t […]

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Cool RISC Owl

RISC Networks Named Cool Vendor in Cloud Management, 2015 by Gartner

RISC Networks®, LLC, the industry’s leading provider of cloud discovery analytics announced that it has been recognized as a Cool Vendor in Cloud Management for 2015, by Gartner, Inc., one of the world’s leading information technology research and advisory companies. RISC Networks simplifies cloud and data center migrations by gathering comprehensive IT infrastructure asset and performance […]

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Hybrid Cloud Security

Hybrid clouds may ease CIOs’ security fears

Infrastructure and operations decision-makers who have yet to incorporate cloud computing into their businesses likely have resisted doing so because of security concerns.

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Which IaaS vendors are winning the cloud battle?

The Infrastructure-as-a-Service industry is heating up with increasing competition among some of the industry’s top vendors.

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What Does Success Look Like?

What Does Cloud Success Look Like?

There are many gauges of success in IT today and cloud computing is no different. If you look at your initial cloud assessment and look at what your business objectives were when deciding on cloud, that is ultimately what success “should” look like, but things can happen throughout a project to change the desired outcome. […]

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Grandma's Dependency Mapping

Grandma’s Dependency Mapping for Cloud Projects, Not the Best Option

When helping clients plan for cloud and data center moves, application dependencies are an important piece of the cloud puzzle. As a systems integrator or cloud provider, helping your clients understand how different components speak to each other and knowing what processes within and between applications rely on one another is critical to planning and […]

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CenturyLink believes cloud computing’s growth just getting started

Cloud computing represents big business for all types of companies, including CenturyLink.

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Servers in the Cloud

Data centers will find new home in cloud in 2015

Cloud computing has greatly influenced how businesses handle IT operations. This is especially the case regarding data centers. In 2015, more companies will host these systems in cloud environments, according to a new IDC report. By 2017, 60 percent of data center resources will be delivered through clouds, hosting or collocation suites. “The key question […]

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