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3 Major Reasons Why Cloud Migrations Fail

Cloud migration can seem intimidating. Companies can overspend on cloud by as much as 94% in some cases and still not see a smooth transition. In order to save you from overspending and not seeing the results you need, we’re breaking down the three essential steps organizations aren’t taking that are causing their cloud migrations […]

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The State of Cloud Computing in 2016

Cloud computing has come a long way in a very short time. Now that we’re halfway through 2016, it’s important to assess where the cloud technology industry is moving and how your company fits into that picture. For your reference, we compiled an update to serve as the state of cloud computing in 2016. Major […]

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Hitting stride

Cloud-based IaaS market just hitting its stride

Infrastructure-as-a-Service is experiencing impressive growth throughout the global cloud sector.

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Security and Planning

Security and planning are benchmarks of cloud migrations

Government organizations are experiencing challenges when migrating assets to cloud environments.

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Server Transition

Data centers transition to IoT and cloud computing

Key technological trends such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing are influencing how organizations manage critical infrastructure.

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Cloud Security

Cloud computing has turned a corner regarding security

Security used to be viewed as the potential downfall of cloud computing, but not any longer.

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Frustrating Complexity

Complexities remain present with cloud migrations

For all of its advantages, cloud computing remains challenging on many levels.

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Cloud computing market will surpass $200 billion by 2018

The global cloud computing market is constantly expanding.

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Cloud or no cloud

Still haven’t adopted cloud computing? Reconsider these key benefits

Plenty of businesses have adopted cloud computing up to this point, while other companies are still content with maintaining on-premise equipment.

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Government Savings

Cloud computing promises to deliver impressive savings to government

Government organizations throughout the United States can benefit from cloud computing if they decide to adopt the service, even from transitioning simple operations to hosted environments.

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