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Are you "flying blind" in your cloud adoption or data center move and meeting with failure as a result? RISC Networks CloudScape is designed to take the assumption out of the migration.

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Learn What Our Analytics Mean to Our Customers and Partners.

"RISC Networks analytics give our customers a deep level of visibility of their environment."

Bob Murphy, VP of Sales and Marketing

"Cisco has an excellent working relationship with RISC Networks, and our partners have a very high regard for the results."

Dave Gronner, Senior Manager

"I would wholeheartedly recommend RISC Networks to my peers."

Matt Schlabig, Director of IT Corporate Services


Crossing The Insight-to-Action Gap

Traditional IT monitoring tools seem to have a gap between pretty graphs and actual benefits. Typically these tools focus on spikes and troughs. This just isn't good enough. Isn't it time you had a platform to help you take action!


Don't Just Dive Into Cloud

Most companies could save 66% on cloud infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and many businesses have existing infrastructure issues they need to fix, they just don't know where to start. Let us help!


Focus on Outcomes

The lack of clarity creates chaos and frustration. Our SaaS based actionable analytics platform delivers data that is more accessible, easier to use, and outcome focused. You're not a data scientist? That's OK, neither are we!


Make Complex Data Simple

IT tools should be really simple, yet most companies insist on making them complicated. Be outraged, it's OK. Our goal is simple, to provide IT data that empowers you to make actionable decisions.

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What’s the IT forecast look like? Cloudy with a chance of more clouds

By Jesse Frye
August 25, 2014

There’s a strong chance that most companies have at least heard of cloud computing by now.

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